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Vorphalack 07-20-2009 02:45 PM

KoRn -- Milwaukee, WI -- July 18th, 2009
Right Now:punk:

Did My Time


Falling Away From Me:shred:

Coming Undone

Shot & Ladders (Bagpipes Intro)/Helmet in The Bush:blaze:

Here To Stay:rockdevil


Freak on a Leash:punk:

Y'll want a Single


Somebody Someone:rockdevil



Got The Life

Another Brick in The Wall:rocker:

Great Show, I expected a longer set, as they did in Hammond IN a couple of months ago, I met Fieldy before the show, He was hanging with his daughters outside of the venue, I asking about the new record and he just said that as soon as they finished the tour they'll hit the studio to get it done.

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