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ijwthstd 07-19-2009 10:05 AM

Life, Sex & Death -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 19th, 1991
Not the headline band or the band I went to see but there was already a bit of a buzz among the 4 people I was hanging out with that night and they were a last minute add on in the early slot. Decided to check them out. Yes, they were really amusing to say the least.

-piano intro-
Rise Above
We're Here
School's For Fools
Some Fuckin' Shitass
I've Been Around
-Stanley monologue-
Wet Your Lips
Raise A Little Hell
Telephone Call
Big Black Bush

and the headliner was Shake City

01. Don't Tell Mama
02. Honey For Money
03. Flesh And Blood
04. Psychedelic Ride
05. Love Is Gone
06. Lust And Love
07. Soul Man In The Box
08. Get It While It's Hot
09. Bad On Wheels
10. Betty Blue
11. Magic Carpet Ride/Whole Lotta Love

some of the titles may be incorrect. #7 was a mash up.

Backstage Alex of LSD gave me a stack of tickets for a show at the Universal Amph that happened the next night and I will post the details tomorrow.

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