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VoidFlame 07-17-2009 06:36 AM

Summer Slaughter Tour -- Montreal, QC -- July 16th, 2009
[B][U]Decrepit Birth[/U][/B] 4/5
Prelude to the Apocalypse
Diminishing Between Worlds
...And Time Begins
Condemned to Nothingness

[B][U]After the Burial[/U][/B] 3/5

I know they played the following songs (not sure about the order)...

Cursing Akhenaten
Forging a Future Self
A Steady Decline

[B][U]Blackguard[/U][/B] 4,5/5
Scarlet to Snow
The Sword
This Round's On Me :horns:
In Time

[B][U]Origin[/U][/B] 4,5/5
Staring From The Abyss
The Aftermath :rocker:
The Burner
Wrath of Vishnu :rocker:

[B][U]Born of Osiris[/U][/B] 1,5/5 from what I saw

I went out to eat some pizza during their set (Empires Erased was the song I saw)...

[B][U]Beneath the Massacre[/U][/B] 5/5
Society's Disposable Son :rocker:
Reign of Terror :rocker:
Our Common Grave :rocker:
This System's Failure (Alexandre Erian from Despised Icon sang for a few seconds) :rocker:
Nevermore :rocker:

[B][U]Winds of Plague[/U][/B] 2,5/5
Decimate The Weak
Origins & Endings
Angels Of Debauchery
The Impaler
Soldiers Of Doomsday
One Body Too Many

[B][U]Darkest Hour[/U][/B] 4/5
Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)
The Sadist Nation
No God
Sound the Surrender
Deliver Us
With a Thousand Words to Say But One

[B][U]Ensiferum[/U][/B] 5/5
Hero in a Dream
One More Magic Potion
Deathbringer from the Sky :rocker:
Ahti :horns:
Into Battle
Token of Time
Iron :horns:

[B][U]Necrophagist[/U][/B] 4,5/5
Foul Body Autopsy
Stillborn One
Stabwound :rocker:
Intestinal Incubation
Only Ash Remains :horns:
Diminsied To B
Dawn And Demise
Ignominious And Pale
Fermented Offal Discharge :horns:

An overall great show!

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