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The_jman 07-02-2009 08:49 PM

Killswitch Engage: Self Titled 2009 release
Album review:
Artist: Killswitch Engage
Album: Self titled
Release: June 30, 2009

Heavy hitting melodic hardcore band Killswitch Engage return just before July with one of their best releases to date. Sceen by many as the icon for the metalcore genre, who often serve as a gateway to other bands in the genre Killswitch has shown themselves to be a cross-over band leading listeners from them to other harder bands, or other more melodic performers. From the guitar solo of ”Never again”, to the ballad of love lost “Start Again” and with the twin guitars and heavy percussion throughout, this album has a little for everyone.
Building on their three previous albums, 2002’s “Alive or Just Breathing”, 2004’s “The End of Heartache,” and 2006’s “As Daylight dies”, Killswitch shows that they aren’t about to stop, and continue to grow. Experimenting with more styles, yet staying true to their roots. The band has always shown a preference for screamed vocal verses and lyrically sung choruses. This album shows more experimentation with lyrical singing, with Howard Jones singing more verses. The band has another first in that in a couple songs notably “The Return” we hear Howard delve into the baritone range, rather than his familiar Majestic tenor. Instrumentally, besides the distorted heavy riffs Killswitch is known for, the band has clean channel guitars for the bridges of some songs, just like those of older songs notably, “Rose of Sharon” and “My Curse.”
For those hardcore fans that believe the band has gone soft due to the edition of more singing, I would counter that just as on As Daylight Dies, with “The arms of sorrow” there is only one song that is completely scream free, in this case “Take me away.”
Lyrically the album continues Killswitch’s tendency to sing and write lyrics concerning real life, relationships, love, and even religion. Reckoning seems to struggle with the issue of religion in today’s war torn atmosphere. Many others deal with issues of love and lost love (“Start again.”)
Overall I was astounded to see how Killswitch can make an album that sounds so much like everything else they’ve released, yet so much different. In my opinion there is not a bad song on the album. The deluxe version includes a dvd which I have not watched as of yet, and a b side track, which is as good as anything on the album, and 3 live tracks “Rose of Sharon” “My Curse” and “Holy Diver” (Their cover of Dio’s classic hit). Just as on the {set this} World Ablaze live DVD, these live tracks capture both the intensity and technical accuracy of a Killswitch performance. They even show some of the famous antics of Adam D, where in “My Curse” he delights in calling the crowd douche bags, if they don’t put up their hands, and his Rhyming mocking of Howard in Holy Diver, actually cause Howard to miss a line near the end of the song laughing.
In Summary, I was highly anticipating this album, and feel that it lived up to my every expectation, and it is an album that you must listen through in its entirety at least once to get the whole effect. In today’s world of the hit single, it is hard to find an album within or outside metal that does not have a bad song on it. Although In metal it’s a lot easier to find what I’d call “Perfect” albums than any other Genre, then again… I might be biased.

b_halperin 07-03-2009 01:07 PM


please use the search tool before creating a thread that's already been created



The_jman 07-03-2009 01:49 PM

I didn't see that thread, I was not aware there was a search tool, and only saw that thread afterward, and furthermore I did not know there could not be more than one album review by more than one person.

b_halperin 07-03-2009 03:40 PM

[QUOTE=The_jman;217499]I didn't see that thread, I was not aware there was a search tool, and only saw that thread afterward, and furthermore I did not know there could not be more than one album review by more than one person.

there can be more than one album reviews for a single album, but if the thread has already been created, than you should post your review as a reply to the thread. I know you're still probably learning about the site, so just use my advice in the future when you're creating threads.

The_jman 07-06-2009 12:08 PM

I will, as I said I wasn't aware.

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