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ijwthstd 06-27-2009 01:35 PM

Throw Rag -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 26th, 2009
Redwood Bar & Grill, downtown LA 2nd & Hill

in order of appearance -


01. Where The Sidewalk Ends
02. Just Another Stupid Guy
03. No Place Like Home
04. Holdin' On To Trouble's Hand
05. Billion Dollars Cash (cut)
06. All Around The World
07. Where Is She Now
(Theda & Long Love Letter on printed setlist, not played)
08. Is My Last Chance Gone?
09. Why Don't You Marry Me


songs included but not necessarily limited to -

Texas Ranger Man
Queen Of The BBQ
Brand New Way
Hee Haw/Green Acres/Buttfuck (aka Petticoat) Junction
Driftwood 4023
Fruit Fly
Back In The Truck

THROW RAG (65mins)

01. Satanismo
02. Swingset Superman
03. Bag Of Glue
04. Race With The Devil
05. Bobby Wayne
06. Rule Maker
07. Lady Boo
08. Trouble
09. Devil Gone Good
10. Stinkbug
11. She Don't Want To (She Don't Care)
12. Hang Up
13. So. 5th Street (Country In O.G.) (aborted)

they played about 55 seconds then it fell apart -
"that was pretty good all the way to where we fucked it up, so... give us a quarter of a clap"

14. Reno
15. Auntie Bert
16. Space Hump Me
17. Days That End In Y
18. Demons In A Row
19. Beast In Me
20. Table 4 3
21. -improv- **
22. Cock In My Pocket

** with David Duet, formerly of Cat Butt and Girl Trouble, singing, pretty sure it's an improv because Sean wheeler threw out an invitation to do something earlier in the set.

Okay, not exactly metal but one of my all time favorite live acts, they never disappoint. They often tour with bands like the Supersuckers or Rev Horton Heat, check them out if they ever hit your town.

The Redwood is one of my favorite venues, great vibe. Love the sweet potato fries but even thuogh I got there way before the start it was too crowded to grab a few inches of steady surface to eat something. Also had a fat chick slamming into me constantly for the first 20 minutes and though I was always open minded to any and all possiblities but after this experience I don't think I could ever have a fat girlfriend.

Sean Wheeler, one of the greatest entertainers also does an acoustic singer songwriter thing with Zander Schloss of the Circle Jerks and they also regularly play the Redwood. They also just recorded a full length album.






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