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andrew_metalhead 06-12-2009 12:27 AM

Testament -- Hollywood, CA -- June 11th, 2009
I got there at 4.30, waited in line for 2 and a half hours and easily got a spot on the barrier. Shook hands with Chuck Billy and Greg Christian too as they were just walking by the line!! :eek::eek::rocker::rocker:
[B]Lazarus A.D[/B] opened the show at around 7.30 and they played for about half an hour. They played some really good thrash I thought. But they said they are from Wisconsin, thats why it wasn't as good as bay area thrash . :D
Most of their songs sounded similar to each other, but I guess thats how bands like these sounds when you listen to them for the first time.

[B]Unearth[/B] were next and they played for a whole fuckin hour. Man I hated that shit so much that I can't even find words to express it. And one of their guitarists who was on my side of the stage kept spitting on us after every song. He was also spitting and then catching it himself. I have no idea who told him that THAT would look cool on stage.
And the singer kept coming near us and head banging which threw up sweat all over us. That stupid guitarist also stepped on my friend's elbow twice, when he was trying to dive into the crowd. By the end of their show I was bathed in spit and sweat. Anyway, enough of them already.

[B]Testament[/B] hit the stage at 10 o clock and opened with The Preacher. We went nuts. I mean totally nuts!!! This was my first time seeing Testament too. I have no complaints whatsoever with the setlist. People can bitch all they want, I don't give two fucks. It was my first time, and I loved each and every minute of it!! Eric Peterson was in front of me the whole time and I was touching distance from his guitar. Chuck and Alex too kept coming to our side and got us even more pumped. Souls of Black was the highlight for me as its my favorite Testament song (Odd choice I know, but yeah). Chuck asked the crowd to do the 'wall of death' thing during the last song Formation of Damnation and I turned back and looked at the place go fuckin insane! It was great to watch!!
After that I got hand shakes from each member and then Eric, Alex and Chuck handed me autographed picks!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
I hung around for another 10 minutes and finally got hold of the setlist too!!!
I told a friend earlier today that I'm going to see Testament. He said 'I heard they are not that good live'. Whoever told him that, I wanna kill that person because Testament ripped the place apart!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! What a great night!!!

Setlist :
1. The Preacher
2. The New Order
3. Over The Wall
4. Practice What You Preach
5. More Than Meets The Eye
6. The Persecuted Won't Forget
7. Burnt Offerings
8. The Haunting
9. The Legacy
10.Into The Pit
11.Souls Of Black
12.Electric Crown
13.Disciples Of The Watch
15.3 Days In Darkness
16.The Formation Of Damnation

maidenpriest 06-12-2009 01:47 AM

im so mad this didnt come to phoenix..such a sick setlist

jhdeity 06-12-2009 04:53 AM

WOW. You guys got totally robbed. They've been playing 18-19 songs everywhere else. Are you sure they didn't play The New Order and Into the pit? They've played those songs every show since the New Order was released.

I know when I just saw them Unearth got 2 extra songs and we lost 2 Testament songs. Do or Die and Electric Crown but those aren't staples like Pit and Order. Strange...

ravenheart 06-12-2009 05:42 AM

Looks like their standard setlist. Good, but I hope they change it when they come back to the UK in July.

SerpentineVIVIVI 06-12-2009 05:43 AM

I have to agree, you guys got robbed, Don't get me wrong, Testament is Testament, they will always rape live. But they've been playing a lot more other songs on other dates, that seems pretty odd, especially The New Order and Into The Pit. Still, I wouldn't complain either when I just heard Burnt Offerings and The Haunting :rocker:.

Glad to hear you liked Lazarus A.D., they're fucking awesome. And I also second your Unearth, except [I]a bit[/I] less harsh, I didn't think they were disgusting I just thought they were mediocre.

ravenheart 06-12-2009 05:45 AM

You still can't beat this: [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=9929[/url]

Derelict 06-12-2009 06:14 AM

guitarist for unearth is a class A douchebag. I yelled something at them during sounds of the underground (2005 i think) and he said he was going to come down and fight me after the set.

Fe Maiden 06-12-2009 07:16 AM

We got robbed in Vegas too! No The Legacy in our set.

andrew_metalhead 06-12-2009 07:53 AM

Sorry about the confusion. They played Into The Pit and New Order of course .. I somehow didn't include them .. even though I have the setlist in front of me.

And I didn't feel robbed at all .. since I never looked at the other setlists and enjoyed the show for what it was!!:eyes::eyes::D:D

andrew_metalhead 06-12-2009 07:54 AM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;214189]You still can't beat this: [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=9929[/url]

Don't care. Thats London.

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