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billsfan960 06-02-2009 10:05 AM

M3 Rock festival - Maryland
Anybody go
80's rock heaven

Y & T

Need set lists please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For everybody!!!

tenchimyo 08-03-2009 05:29 AM

Here's some partial set lists from what I recall

Heard some of [B]Slaughter [/B]and [B]Y&T[/B] while in the parking lot

-(One song, sounded like AC/DC or RhinoBucket)

-(song I knew but I can't recall what it was)
-Smooth Up in Ya

back to the mainstage for
[B]Jani Lane Formerly of Warrant (with James Kottak from def Skorpions!)[/B]
-32 Pennies
-Machine Gun
-I Saw Red
-new song
-Uncle Tom's Cabin
-Cherry Pie

[B]Steel Panther[/B]
-Fat Girl
-(some other song)

[B]L.A. Guns[/B]
-Sex Action
-Never Enough
-Rip n' Tear

-The Hunter
-Alone Again
-You Just got Lucky
-Into the Fire
-It's Not Love
(no dream warriors :/ )

-Girl Money
-Cold Blood
-Don't Close Your Eyes
-The Itch
-Blow My Fuse
-Yeah Yeah Yeah

-buncha songs that sucked
-That Nuno can play guitar, but they totally needed some better SONGs.

-buncha songs that sucked, but were better than Extreme.
-they played 2 fing covers... seriously! (1 Rolling Stones-Spend the Night Together, and because the night)

-Wanted Man
-Tell the World
-Loving You is a Dirty Job
-I Want a Woman
-Slip of the Lip
-Lay it Down
-Lack of Communication
-Round and Round

<Lotta People Left at this point>

[B]Twisted Sister[/B]
-Stay Hungry
-The Kids are Back
- Horror-Teria (A) Captain Howdy B) Street Justice )
-Under the Blade
-You Can't Stop Rock and Roll
-Shoot em down
-Don't Let Me Down
-We're Not Gonna take it
-The Price
-Burn in HELL
-I Wanna Rock
(maybe one more but we left as I wanna rock turned into crowd Participation).

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