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300%_Density 05-14-2009 11:39 PM

GWAR -- Springfield, MO -- May 14th, 2009
This will be more review like since the previous post from the KC show already had the setlists plus I really didn't know everything that was played anyway. Seemed like kind of a small turnout considering Springfield only gets a good metal show once and a blue moon.

[B]Cattle Decapatation[/B]
All I can say right now is wow. Travis Ryan just ripped it up. Before hearing them I didn't know that a voice could reach such high high's and very guttural lows. Crowd absolutely blew. I really don't think that Springfield has ever really seen anything this intense before. Although we are getting a show from Bobaflex and a show from Rev Theory :confused:. Anyway I'm getting off track. I was almost just as blown away by the speed of the guitarist as well. I still think its an absolute hose job they are opening instead of playing before GWAR. Maybe next time. Pissing me off, crowd was chanting for GWAR before CD even finished their set. Very not cool on their part.

You can yell at me if you want but to be honest I always get this band confused w/ Baroness. I can't ever remember which is which. I couldn't remember if I saw them open up for Opeth last year or not, which I quickly remembered it was Baroness. Their music was somewhat decent but really just wasn't all that exciting. Really didn't know any of their songs. Really wished I had somewhere to go during their set.

Never seen another band that has so many fans making homemade GWAR shirts. Last time I even saw them was during the War Party Tour. Honestly really what needs to be said. I was a little bummed b/c it seemed like there were not as many decapatations as there normally was but still if that's the biggest complain I'm doin pretty good. The only song I really wanted to hear them play again was "Immortal Corrupter". Kinda surprised they didn't play it but oh well. Absolutely love the pro wrestling theme that they were using tonight as well. If I didn't buy my Napalm Death shirt Monday I would have bought an Intergalactic Championship Wrestling shirt!!!! I guess the setlist I can do is what celeberties were killed tonight:

Steve Wilkos (Jerry Springer Security/Crappy Talk Show Host)
Bernie Madoff
Hillary Clinton
@ 2:30 AM I'm going blank but will try to remember who else was killed

Got absolutely covered, the cuddlefish ended up being my downfall :D. By the end of the night I actually had the feeling that you get after swimming by having water in my ear. Even more surprising I found out you can still get coloring in your contacts after you take them out. Great show wouldn't trade it for anything. Can't wait for 25th anniversary. Finally got to see Sleazy for the first time. :party:

TonyD 05-15-2009 12:52 AM

Steve Wilkos? Does Gwar have a problem with teenage girls selling themselves for crack money?

Mixing up Priestess and Baroness is almost as bad as mistaking Opeth for Otep.

mankvill 05-15-2009 08:08 AM


I'm glad you had as good a time as I did!

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