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SerpentineVIVIVI 05-10-2009 03:00 PM

Lamb of God -- New York, NY -- May 8th, 2009
I know these sets are all over the place, so I just took the sets from the previous posts. This is mainly just a review. Getting to the venue was was quite a hassle, as it turns out A LOT of things happened that shouldn't have....:tp:. Anyhow, I drove my buddies and I to the Irving (so the car would be right in front of us after Mastodon), and then we subwayed it to Times Square and met a bunch o' metalheads and made ourselves some new friends :rocker:. Immediatly into Roseland, I felt a great vibe and really digged the venue, definately a place I would like to go to again. Nice and big, and plenty of space for everyone. Got there right as Municipal were about to start their set. I know that a lot of people here like them, but I thought that they were ok and nothing impressive, but I have to admit they out on a really good performance. Must say, the circle pit to Beer Pressue was awesome, and it was cool to see!

[U]Municipal Waste[/U]
Sadistic Magician
The Thrashin Of The Christ
Headbanger Face Rip
Mind Eraser
Beer Pressure
Unleash The Bastards

After them came God Forbid. I thought they were ok as well, thought their songs lacked a bit. Their performance was really good though, and they got the crowd going a lot, especially to their last song.

[U]God Forbid[/U]
War of Attrition
Empire of the Gun
End of the World
*Could be wrong*

Now this was an unfortunate part of the night, for Bodom cut their set really early due to Alexi's broken shoulder. I felt terrible, during Hellhounds he kept on putting his right hand on his shoulder, trying to hammer-on and pull-off to continue to play. I give them all the reason to drop the bill, granted they were half the reason I went. To have the balls to even keep on playing after a broken shoulder....that deserves props :horns:! Hope he gets better and they come back even stronger! In terms of their performace, they were good, lacking a bit due to the aforementioned, but they got some people going during the set.

[U]Children of Bodom[/U]
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
Hellhounds On My Trail

After Bodom, me and some friends went downstairs to just rejuvenate our energy, so we stayed down their for a while. We got up again at the half way point of ALID'd set, and we went up to the balcony to watch. I could not get into them at all , except for Within Destruction. I just am not a fan of metalcore as a whole, so I guess I had a bias. I must admit, there performance was really good, with one of the guitarists and the drummer windmilling like crazy!

[U]As I Lay Dying[/U]
Through Struggle
Nothing Left
An Ocean Between Us
Meaning in Tragedy
The Pain of Separation
Within Destruction
The Sound of Truth
94 Hours

Now the moment of truth....put simply, these guys fuckin rocked. 4th time coming and they ceased to impress me. I was in the balcony and these guys were fucking HEAVY, and I wasn't even on the floor. I felt the intensity of every riff, the tone was perfect, everything was great. I felt the new songs transferred amazingly well, Grace, Reclamation, and Set to Fail being high moments for me (as well as the whole set!). Songs like WWMIH and NYGSTDF were as brutal as they were every other time, and it was just amazing. If you have never seen LOG, I highly suggest you do, for they still retain the title of one of the heaviest bands I've seen live!

[U]Lamb of God[/U]
The Passing
In Your Words
Set to Fail
Walk with Me in Hell
Now You've Got Something to Die For
Dead Seeds
Blacken the Cursed Sun
*Mark Marton Solo*
Broken Hands
Laid to Rest
Black Label

makethemsuffer12 05-19-2009 01:48 PM

You forgot "I Want To [I]Chill With[/I] The President" from Municipal Waste.

bt11763 05-24-2010 09:33 PM


and yeah there's a bunch missing from the Municipal Waste set: Terror Shark, Born to Party, I Want to Chill with the President.


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