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Bloodcurse 05-01-2009 04:40 PM

Black Sabbath Set
Ok I thought this would be fun, take all the vocalists of Black Sabbath, and pick your favorite setlist for each (featuring only songs from their albums)

[B]Ozzy Osbourne:[/B]

War Pigs
St. Vitus Dance
After Forever
Embryo / Children of the Grave
Dirty Women
Lord of This World
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
The Wizard
Black Sabbath
Electric Funeral
Wicked World
Sweet Leaf
Hand of Doom
Fairies Wear Boots


E5150 (intro)
The Mob Rules
Bible Black
Wishing Well
Die Young
The Devil Cried
After All (The Dead)
TV Crimes
Children of the Sea
Eating the Cannibals
Time Machine
Heaven & Hell
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Neon Knights

[B]Ian Gillan / Glenn Hughes:[/B] (gonna combine both their albums since each only did one album)

Ian Gillan:

Disturbing the Priest
Born Again
Keep It Warm
Digital Bitch
Hot Line
The Dark / Zero the Hero
Turn To Stone
Seventh Star
Heart Like A Wheel
No Stranger To Love
In Memory
In for the Kill
Danger Zone
Angry Heart

[B]Tony Martin:[/B]

The Gates of Hell / The Headless Cross
The Shining
When Death Calls
Devil & Daughter
Guilty as Hell
I Witness
Cross of Thorns
Eternal Idol
Kill in the Spirit World

2handband 05-02-2009 08:02 AM

There's already a Black Sabbath thread... just few post down the page.

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