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Maiden33 04-30-2009 03:30 PM

My band performing Iron Maiden's "Different World"
Hey everyone. Back in January, my band did a one-off show doubling as an Iron Maiden tribute band. We have the whole thing on video, and this is the first of a few we'll be uploading.

Oh, and my apologies for some of the (mostly backing) vocals. The monitors were basically not working, so we couldn't hear shit. Hence why it sounds pitchy and overly enthusiastic, like we're shouting.


b_halperin 04-30-2009 11:16 PM

that's a real good video, put up more!

HandOfDoom 05-01-2009 02:40 PM

Very well done man! Nailed the solo

mathew 05-10-2009 09:33 PM

Great band you got, wish i was at that gig!!!

zgodt 05-29-2009 09:14 PM

This makes me happy.

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