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BLED Fest -- Howell, MI -- May 28th, 2016
44 Fest -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 28th, 2016
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Zakk Wylde -- Luxembourg City, Luxembourg -- May 28th, 2016
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I film to trade + collect. I don't make a profit in any way, nor will I (nor have I ever) sell any of my recordings. It's just a hobby!

Everything filmed after 5/15/09 is in Hi Definition

Quick Stats - As of 07/20/2013
Total Shows Filmed : 120
Band's I've filmed : 66
States/Provinced filmed in : 9
Venues filmed at : 33

Bands filmed most:
Metallica 9x
Biohazard - 9x
Terror 5x
Dying Fetus - 5x
Slayer 4x
Slipknot 3X
Cannibal Corpse 4x
All Shall Perish 3x
Disturbed 3x
Megadeth 3x
Agnostic Front 3x

Some others...........Korn, Malevolent Creation, KISS, Lamb Of God, Deicide, Whitechapel, Machine Head, Grave, Hatebreed, Job For A Cowboy, Trivium, Kataklysm, and others.

Check out my Trading Page for a complete trade list, as well as info on all My Masters.

Check out my YouTube Channel for clips from nearly all the shows I've filmed.

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Trapped Under Ice -- Montreal, QC -- October 26, 2011

Posted 01-23-2012 at 11:18 PM by hellawaits77ny
Trapped Under Ice
Oct 26, 2011
@ Underworld
Montreal, QC, Canada
Complete ~38 minutes

A great show by TUI, as always. Liked some of the opening bands, especially Take Offense. Those dudes are solid, and remind me a lot of Terror.

This venue sucks though, it has a low stage and is real narrow. It's cool that it's so intimate, but not good to film at. Nowhere to set up a tripod or anything like that. I filmed from the middle, but should've just gone up stage side and risked having to blast some moshers. Turned out ok, nothing great. The band sounded great and I enjoyed the setlist. The new songs sounded good. I of course would have enjoyed a longer set, but it seems like many hardcore bands today just don't like doing long sets. And this one even had an encore, which they usually don't do. Also - Justice cut his hair! Thought his long hair was bad ass, personally.

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