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Marduk -- Norrköping, Sweden -- December 19th-20th, 2014
Despised Icon -- Worcester, MA -- December 21st, 2014
Cormorant -- San Francisco, CA -- December 20th, 2014
Opeth -- Toronto, Ontario -- December 21st, 2014
It Lies Within -- Flint, MI -- December 21st, 2014

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I film to trade + collect. I don't make a profit in any way, nor will I (nor have I ever) sell any of my recordings. It's just a hobby!

Everything filmed after 5/15/09 is in Hi Definition

Quick Stats - As of 07/20/2013
Total Shows Filmed : 120
Band's I've filmed : 66
States/Provinced filmed in : 9
Venues filmed at : 33

Bands filmed most:
Metallica – 9x
Biohazard - 9x
Terror – 5x
Dying Fetus - 5x
Slayer – 4x
Slipknot – 3X
Cannibal Corpse – 4x
All Shall Perish – 3x
Disturbed – 3x
Megadeth – 3x
Agnostic Front – 3x

Some others...........Korn, Malevolent Creation, KISS, Lamb Of God, Deicide, Whitechapel, Machine Head, Grave, Hatebreed, Job For A Cowboy, Trivium, Kataklysm, and others.

Check out my Trading Page for a complete trade list, as well as info on all My Masters.

Check out my YouTube Channel for clips from nearly all the shows I've filmed.

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The Big 4 -- Bronx, NY -- September 14, 2011

Posted 10-25-2011 at 05:42 PM by hellawaits77ny
Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth
September 14, 2011
@ Yankee Stadium
Bronx, NY

Complete sets of Metallica and Slayer, about 28 minutes of Megadeth. The combo of Megadeth's so-so performance, and the concern of maintaining battery life for Metallica led to end filming a bit early. Slayer is very good, steady for the most part, and the lighting got along very well with my camera. Metallica is solid too, but a couple songs are shaky here and there. All 3 include pretty solid audio.

Such an amazing overall experience. Had such a great time going out in Manhattan, then at the show itself the next night. Spent a lot on $12 Beck's and Stella's. Another thing......the women in NYC are fucking amazing! I had chest pains the entire time I was there!

Creeping Death
All Nightmare Long
Enter Sandman
Overkill - W/ members of Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax

Psychopathy Red
Raining Blood + Black Magic
Angel Of Death

Sweating Bullets
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