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04-01-2009, 05:22 PM
For those of you interested in the happenings of my band, Necromance, I have some updates for you.

-As I had mentioned about a week ago, we have parted ways with our drummer. It was a long drama-filled story that I don't really care to explain unless there's heavy demand for it. Even though he decided to quit, we basically agreed with the decision and are happy for the opportunity to hopefully find someone who will allow us to take the band to new places instead of complicating things. We are already talking to several people who are interested, but we have yet to properly audition them and interview them to make sure they are good enough and on the same page as the rest of us.

-Back in October 2007 we parted ways with our original second guitarist (actual old MS member TheClansman1114), and ever since we've been enjoying life as a 4-piece, one-guitar band, with myself handling all the guitar work. In the wake of the drummer news, we decided that if we were going to advertise and hunt for one new member, we might as well finally look around for a new second guitarist. I am happy to say I am almost certain we have found a perfect guy for the job. I went to lunch with him yesterday to talk about music and where we're at and what he's looking for. I am very happy with everything and I think he will fit the band like a glove, not to mention he is very enthusiastic about the music.

-Lastly, our CD, "Never Look Back", is being manufactured now and we're expecting the shipment to arrive within the next 10 days. We have a form on our myspace and official website (links below) that allows you to pre-order the CD via PayPal (just $10, incl. shipping!), and we'll ship it out to you ASAP when the order arrives. We paid a good bit of money to get this CD made, and we're temporarily promoting it without being able to play gigs, so your internet orders help us out a lot.

Official website:

And now, I shall reward those interested with a full length finished track from the CD.
"Stand Up and Fight"

04-09-2009, 12:06 PM
Hey everyone, our CD is officially "in stock" and ready to ship. They are available online through our official site and myspace, for $10 including shipping. You can pay through PayPal.
Your support is appreciated.