View Full Version : Necromance -- Clifton, NJ -- March 19th, 2009

03-20-2009, 11:18 AM
Well last night my band played at Dingbatz, probably New Jersey's premier metal venue, and it was a pretty fun night. Not a big turnout, but a few good friends of ours made it out and a lot of the other people at the show and in the other bands really liked us. I really feel like we made a few new fans. All in all, a really enjoyable show.

1.Destiny Calls
2.Breaking the Chains
3.Stand Up and Fight
4.Strange Wings (Savatage)
6.The End of Our Days
7.Remember (w/ extended jam / guitar solo)
8.Never Look Back

We were supposed to close with our song "We Will Rise" with our traditional half-cover of Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell" in it, but we ran out of time. Oh well.