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03-10-2009, 03:34 PM
Release Date : 03.10.09
Label : Nuclear Blast
Cost : $12

Track Listing :

1. One By One [3:37]
2. Executioner [4:35]
3. Black Tar Sin [7:01]
4. Death And Destruction [4:11]
5. Murdered To Death [5:41]
6. Souls [7:14]
7. Panic [4:29]
8. Double The Blood [5:50]
9. Thrashatonement [2:50]
10. By The Cemetary [3:11]
11. Next Attack [4:43]

My rating : 5 out of 5

Well I hadn't really got a chance to listen to the old 'Meltdown - Executioner' CD, so I'm treating this as a new release.
I got my copy today. Nuclear Blast were nice enough to include a free autographed poster along with the CD.
This is what I can express about this disc after the first couple of listens. And I'm listening to it for the third time while I write this.

The album gets off to a brutally fast start with 'One By One'. I'm sure fans of this band must have seen the video of this song on Youtube. Killer track in every sense. This is followed by the title track, which maintains the tempo while sounding different at the same time. Next comes the epic 'Black Tar Sin'. The song builds up very well and the interlude with just the fast drumming part sounds way too cool. This is followed by 'Death and Destruction'. The intro of this song really stands out and I'm sure it will be amazing to hear in a concert. This song too doesn't fail to keep up the tempo of the album so far. The solo is awesome. 'Murdered To Death' which is the next track has very interesting lyrics. The lyrics remind me of Iron Maiden's 'Aces High' lyrics. Its a similar theme. I won't spoil it for people by spelling them out here, but those lyrics sure have the aggression in them. The main riff is really cool too. Listening to it makes me want to play it on my guitar. Best track on the album.

'Souls' is a really mature song for a young band like this. Amazing stuff. 'Panic' for me is the best track after 'Murdered to Death'. Great vocals by Dan. 'Double the blood' and 'Thrashatonement' are going to be favorites among the moshers out there. 'By The Cemetary' is a good track as well. And finally ending the album is the track 'Next Attack'.

Overall, this might sound familiar to the old school thrash fans and they might say they've heard this stuff before. But hey, thats what is exactly needed, at least in my opinion! A need to bring back the old school thrash into our times. So I congratulate Mantic Ritual for their first album and hopefully they will put out great stuff like this for many more years to come.

03-21-2009, 04:35 PM
just got it. sick album, but like you said, most of the riffs i've heard before. great album though