View Full Version : Burst -- Munich, Germany-- March 4th, 2009

03-05-2009, 11:56 AM
Finally I got to see Burst live! It was a Co-Headlining show with The Ocean - support bands were Medeia and Bison B.C.
Burst, The Ocean and Bison B.C. are all pretty awesome bands and therefore I just had to go to this show. I've never heard of Medeia before but in the end it turned out they were quite alright as well.
As expected Bison B.C. kicked ass, whereas Burst tore the f***ing place apart. Great setlist, great sound and a really energetic performance. By far the best band this evening. The Ocean, however, were really disappointing. I absolutely love "Aeolian" and "Precambrian" but they're performance this time was just soulless and unappealing. An atmospheric light show(LEDs etc.) simply isn't everything. Unfortunately I don't remember they're whole set. However, they started with "Calymmian" and closed with "The City In The Sea". Other songs were "Hadean - The Long March Of The Yes-Man" and a lot of Fluxion-Stuff due to the re-release of this record.

Burst - Setlist (50 min. approx.):

01. Intro
02. (We Watched) The Silver Rain
03. Where The Wave Broke
04. I Exterminate The I
05. Rain
06. Cripple God
07. The Immateria
08. I Hold Vertigo

03-06-2009, 02:29 AM
Whaaaaaaaaaaat? The Ocean were great when I saw them.