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02-15-2009, 02:25 PM
More review than anything, since the setlists haven't really changed

Swallow the Sun
1. Swallow (Horror, Part 1)
2. Don't Fall Asleep (Horror, Part 2)
3. The Ship
4. Plague of Butterflies

Overall, Swallow the Sun were the second best band of the night. They were cramped to the front half of the already small stage upstairs at the Palladium, but they managed to put on a good set regardless. Could barely hear the vocals, at least where I was in front of the stage, so I'm not 100% about Plague of Butterflies but I know they played the others. Obviously not terribly energetic, but that wouldn't go along with the music they play so it was fine. A great way to start off the night. 7.5/10

1. Total War
2. ?
3. New Song (Whirlwind)
4. New Song (Jackal)
5. ? (Shoot to Kill, maybe)
6. Combat Shock

Honestly, I hadn't really listened to Warbringer before this show, so I couldn't tell you what they played aside from what they announced. They definitely opened with Total War and closed with Combat Shock, and I know they played atleast two new songs back-to-back in there. I'm not sure about the rest, though. The only one of the openers whose vocals you could hear. They're good for what they do, and I have no complaints about seeing them with Kreator or with Obituary, but at this point, after Swallow the Sun and before Darkane, I just didn't really care about them. Can't give much of a fair opinion, but they were pretty good and left a nice first impression. Will have to check them out some more. Though, sort of wish my date had been one of the ones with Daylight Dies on it. 6/10

(Roughly in order)
1. Intro: Variations of an Eye Crush (Pretty sure, though like another poster said, it might have been the intro from Rusted Angel)
2. Leaving Existence
3. Convicted
4. Fading Dimensions
5. Chaos Vs. Order
6. Distress
7. Execution 44
8. Secondary Effects
9. Innocence Gone
10. Outro

These guys were the reason I was there Thursday night. I've wanted to see Darkane since I first heard them back in 2006, and haven't really had the chance since the last U.S. tour they did was with Fear Factory in late 2005. I considered going to Chicago to see them at Chicago Powerfest last year, but didn't have the money to do it. Three years of sitting in my room listening to this band just absolutely let loose during their set.

It was just such an amazing set. They definitely stole the show, no two ways about it. My only complaint was that, like Swallow the Sun, you could NOT hear the vocals, but it didn't matter because I knew the songs anyways. The band was fired up and interacted with every member of the crowd that they could, including once during Innocence Gone where Jens got up in my face and we yelled part of the song together.

The highlight of the set was definitely Chaos Vs. Order, which is just absolutely a live song. Even thinking about it now makes my neck hurt.

1. Intro
2. Follow The Hollow
3. Like The Average Stalker
4. Exile
5. Needlefeast
6. Rejection Role
7. Black Star Deceiver
8. 20 More Miles
9. Soilworker's Song Of The Damned
10. Shadowchild
11. The Chainheart Machine
12. Light The Torch
13. Sworn To A Great Divide
14. Distortion Sleep
15. Stabbing The Drama
16. As We Speak
17. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
18. Nerve

I knew Soilwork had no chance of matching Darkane's set, so I went up to the merch area to watch their set from there. It was still a good show, just not as good as Darkane, who have set the bar pretty high for other bands already this year. The Soilwork setlist was near perfect, though, so I have to give them props for that. I just wish I hadn't been so tired already.

Also, I'm sure they do this in every town they're in, but for the night they renamed The Pittsburgh Syndrome to The Worcester Syndrome. 7/10

Ended up with a Darkane Demonic Art Tour t-shirt. After Soilwork got off stage and the venue emptied, Peter and Klas from Darkane were up by their merch stand and I walked over and talked to them for awhile. When Peter asked if I enjoyed the show and I said I did, he laughed and told me that the entire band could tell up on stage. Talked for a little while and got my ticket signed by the both of them before we left.

Also, went on over to returntothepit.com to see if there were any good shots from the show, and found a nice one of me and Jens screaming at each other (http://returntothepit.com/rttppics/darkane013_507680.jpg).

All in all, great fucking show. Turnout was pretty good, I wouldn't say it was sold out though.

02-15-2009, 03:45 PM
That pic is pretty fucking cool, haha

02-15-2009, 06:14 PM
^^^what he said

02-15-2009, 06:50 PM
Damn, pretty cool that they added The Pittsburgh Syndrome.

02-16-2009, 12:25 AM
Damn, pretty cool that they added The Pittsburgh Syndrome.

I know right. Bummer they didn't play that on the earlier dates.