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02-07-2009, 03:03 PM
The show was at the Backbooth in downtown Orlando. A pretty small venue that, from what I saw, can hold about 300 people. I was right in front of the stage the entire night and it was an amazing show. The previous review from Tampa said that Daylight Dies and Darkane both sucked, but everyone that was at the show was going apeshit for all of the bands, especially Darkane. In my honest opinion, I think Darkane stole the show, but they have one less member than Soilwork does and the stage was tiny as hell, so Darkane had more of an opportunity to move around. They did interact with the crowd alot more than Soilwork did though.

Swallow The Sun
1) Swallow (Horror pt. 1)
2) Don't Fall Asleep (Horror pt. 2)
3) The Ship
4) Plague of Butterflies? (I'm not sure)
5) Through Her Silvery Body or Out of this Gloomy Light (2 kids in the crowd shouted both of these songs, and I remember that the singer said it was one of these two......I just can't recall which one.)

- Despite having something going on with the sound guy in the beginning, they ended up with enough time to play an extra song.

Daylight Dies
1) Cathedral
2) A Dream Redesigned
3) A Life Less Lived
4) Four Corners
5) A Portrait In White

- The entire band made due with the small amount of space they had on stage and had a killer show. It was a good band to follow up the style of music that Swallow The Sun plays.

*Just the songs played, not the order they were in since I can't recall it*
Intro (I am almost 100% positive it was the intro from Rusted Angel, but it could have been Variations of an Eye Crush from the new album)
Chaos vs. Order
Innocence Gone
Leaving Existence
Execution 44
Secondary Effects
Fading Dimensions
Outro (I'm not sure if it was part of a song or not, but it was fucking killer)

-Like I said before, due to the stage presence and the interaction they had with the crowd, I believe they stole the show. I was surprised at how many people knew the songs and were singing along. You could tell that all of the band members were having a great time playing. Also, it seemed like they were a hell of alot heavier live than they are on CD, especially Peter (the drummer). He is fast and technical as fuck.

1) Follow The Hollow
2) Like The Average Stalker
3) Exile
4) Needlefeast
5) Rejection Role
6) Black Star Deceiver
7) 20 More Miles
8) Soilworker's Song Of The Damned
9) Shadowchild
10) The Chainheart Machine
11) Light The Torch
12) Sworn To A Great Divide
13) Distortion Sleep
14) As We Speak
15) Nerve

- Stabbing The Drama was on the setlist, but the club was supposed to hosting some stupid 80's dance party at midnight, so Soilwork didn't have a chance to play it. They didn't even walk of stage and come back for the encore, they just played the last 2 songs. But even though they had to get be off stage and not play a song, they had a good time joking about it. Actually as I was leaving, I saw Speed walking back into the venue, so I guess he wasn't joking when he asked if anyone else was going to go to the dance party since he was going to go.


Swallow the Sun
- I think they had about 3 or 4 shirts. 2 Tour shirts, one was green and the other was black. They said Plague Across America in the front of them. Another shirt had the Plague of Butterflies EP Artwork on it. They also had a hoodie for sale. The shirts were $20 bucks and the hoodie was $35 I believe.
I think they had there CD's on sale too, but I am not to sure. If they did they were probably $10-$15

Daylight Dies
- They had 3 shirts. One was a tour shirt (surprisingly) for the couple of dates they are playing on this tour. It had artwork similar to the Lost to the Living artwork, but with a guy's face on the front and tour dates on the back. The other 2 shirts were the artwork for Lost to the Living and Dismantling Deviotion. They had all the CD's on sale (including the Live from Contamination Festival and the Portrait in White EP, which are both limited to 1,000 copies). The shirts were $20 and the CD's were $15 I think. They had a combo deal that if you bought a shirt and a any CD, it would come out to $30 bucks, and you got a sticker.

- 2 hoodies and 2 shirts I believe? The tour shirt had the bands logo placed vertically in white. It also had it horizontally in grey, which wrapped around to the back of the shirt which had the tour dates. If there was another shirt for sale, I am not sure what it was. One of the hoodies had the Darkane D and E on the front, the Darkane logo in the back with the chorus from the Demonic Art song I believe (it was zipup). The other hoodie had Darkane and the font had the artwork for the new album inside of it. I can't remember what was on the back and it was just a pullover. The shirts were $20 bucks and the hoodies were $35. They had the Layers of Lies CD and the Demonic Art CD/DVD combo (which doesn't come out for about 1 week) for $15 bucks.

- A shit ton of shirts. One shirt had the original Steelbath Suicide artwork on it and something written on the back (there was a piece of tape on it that said it was a Rare Shirt), a Figure Number Five shirt with the artwork on the front and lyrics written on the back (a piece of tape said it was a fan favorite), a Predator's Portrait shirt with the artwork on the front and lyrics on the back, a Tour Shirt with a picture of one of the heads from the artwork from Sworn to a Great Divide and the tour dates on the back with that man swinging a pickaxe in the background, a white and black baseball jersey with the Natural Born Chaos art on the front and lyrics on the back, A Chainheart Machine shirt with nothing on the back, and finally there was this new shirt with what looked like a Demonic Priest holding a cross and some other stuff with the original Soilwork logo on the front and True Swedish Melodic Madness written on the back of it in ancient looking text (I think that is what it said, or something along those lines). All shirts were $20 bucks and the baseball jersey was $35. They had all of their CD's for $15 also.

After The Show
- All of the bands were walking around after the show signing autographs and talking with the fans. I met all of Darkane, all of Daylight Dies, all of Swallow the Sun, and Speed, Dirk, and Peter from Soilwork.
- Peter from Darkane said that they had working visas for all of 2009 and that they would try to be back sometime in November/December.
- Juha from Swallow The Sun said that they are trying to come back in September, if everything works out.
- I talked to Dirk and asked him about One-Way Mirror and Scarve. On One-Way Mirror he said that they would love to be able to come over here and tour, but that the record didn't go over here as the record label would have liked. He said it is just a matter of waiting and patience. He also said he had a blast being able to play 2 times a night when OWM and Soilwork were touring together over in Europe. On Scarve, he said they are busy writing new material for the new album and they just need to find a new singer. Extremely nice guy.

Welp, that's it for the show. Whoever has a date coming up, you will have a hell of a time!

02-07-2009, 03:59 PM
Thats a nice Soilwork set, a set majority filled with old songs are better for them. I can't say I enjoyed Sworn to much, Stabbing was pretty good though.

02-07-2009, 05:06 PM
i dont understand why there is nothing from steel bath suicide being played??

02-07-2009, 08:02 PM
Insanity isn't a song by Darkane, do you mean Third?

02-08-2009, 07:29 AM
Okay, so Convicted is the only song off Rusted Angel. I guess that's fine, though I would have liked Rusted Angel or A Wisdoms Breed.

Still, good set. Can't wait! Definitely gonna pick up a Darkane shirt, maybe Swallow the Sun too. Thursday! :party:

02-08-2009, 11:07 PM
Insanity isn't a song by Darkane, do you mean Third?

Actually, I meant Distress, I was just thinking the name of the album when I was typing this. Sorry for the mixup.

02-10-2009, 06:26 PM
won two free tickets for the show in philly tomorrow, guess i'll be hitting this tour up after all

02-11-2009, 10:34 PM
In Philly, Soilwork played The Pittsburgh Syndrome in addition to everything else and Darkane surprisingly played Rape Of Mankind which was completely amazing.

02-12-2009, 06:26 AM
In Philly, Soilwork played The Pittsburgh Syndrome in addition to everything else and Darkane surprisingly played Rape Of Mankind which was completely amazing.

Yeah, and a fuck the penguins chant started up before pittsburgh syndrome - fun show

02-12-2009, 03:53 PM
This is like, the third or 4th tour in a row I've gotten fucked over in seeing.


02-13-2009, 06:22 AM
This is like, the third or 4th tour in a row I've gotten fucked over in seeing.


See you there boss