View Full Version : In Flames -- New York, NY -- December 7th, 2008

12-08-2008, 06:42 PM
Good show. I've seen In Flames a number of times the past few years and this setlist is getting quite repeatitive. They should definetly mix it up a bit and change up some of the same songs. Highlights included 'The Hive', 'Satallites and Astronauts' and 'Eraser', since those were the only three songs I have not heard before. The biggest let down, I feel, was the Jester's Race medley which was good, especially during the part where they played the song 'Jester's Dance' but the medley was only a few seconds of a few songs. Anders was saying that everyone wanted to hear old stuff like 'Behind Space' and they played literally one riff from it at the very end of the medley.
Overall, In Flames were enjoyable but can be soooo much better, and they could have played more since ATR dropped. Gojira was amazing and very good to see live. I would have liked to see All That Remains but I didn't mind that much that they dropped, especially since Gojira got an extended set. Here's the sets:

The Heaviest Matter In The Universe
Flying Whales
Toxic Garbage Island
To Sirius

In Flames
I Am The Highway
Vanishing Light
The Mirror's Truth
The Hive
Satallites And Astronauts
Pinball Map
Delights And Angers
Cloud Connected
Jester's Race medley
Come Clarity
Sleepless Again
The Quiet Place
Take This Life

12-09-2008, 11:11 AM
I'm surprised and upset that Gojira has taken out Ocean Planet from their set. And as far as the In Flames set is concerned, I feel I've voiced my opinion enough on that topic.

01-27-2009, 08:36 PM
I dont like the In Flames setlist to much.

I Hope they play a better setlist in the Mexican tour.