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11-23-2008, 07:28 PM
Tour: The Crucible Of Man Tour 2008
Headliner: Iced Earth
Support: Early Man, Dirge, Septer
Venue: The Metro, Chicago, IL
Date: November 14th, 2008

Iced Earth Set List:

Intro: In Sacred Flames
01. Behold The Wicked Child
02. Motivation Of Man
03. Setian Massacre
04. Burning Times
05. Declaration Day
06. Vengeance Is Mine
07. Ten Thousand Strong
08. Stormrider
09. Pure Evil
10. Watching Over Me
11. The Coming Curse
12. Dracula
13. High Water Mark

14. Melancholy
15. My Own Savior
16. Iced Earth

Set Time: 8.23-9.57

Iced Earth Lineup:
Vocals: Matt Barlow
Guitar: Jon Schaffer
Guitar: Troy Seele
Bass: Freddie Vidales
Drums: Brent Smedley

This was my first time seeing Iced Earth live, and after hearing mixed reviews of the shows this year, I was curious to see what they were like. I had also never been to the Metro in Chicago before, so I knew this would be an interesting evening. The Metro doesnít have any parking so I wasted about 20 minutes looking for a place to park. Then I stood in line for about 45 minutes while the freezing cold Chicago wind made me regret wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. When the doors opened, those of us with tickets ended up going through a different line than those on the guest list. Since our line moved much faster than the guest list line I was able to pass about half of the people that had been in front of me in line. This allowed me to get a nice spot on the rail right in front of Jon Schaffer.

The venue itself was fairly small with the look of an old theater. The stage was not very big and all of the sound equipment was on the sides of the stage. The sound was pretty good overall, but the singers seemed to be a little bit buried in the mix. The biggest detriment to the venue was the lack of parking.

Iced Earth put on a good show. Since the stage was so small, they didnít have much room to move around. But the band was tight and Matt Barlow sounded great. I thought he did a good job on the Ripper material. His voice seemed strong and I donít think he really avoided any of the difficult parts. The riffs were tight and the solos were very good. And I thought Brent Smedley did a great job on drums. The highlights of the set for me were the last three songs before the encore: The Coming Curse, Dracula, and High Water Mark. My only real complaint was that they didnít play I Walk Alone. I was told that shows in the city limits that are all ages have a curfew of 10pm. Whether this was the reason they skipped it or not, I was disappointed that we did not get to hear it. Other than that, it was a great show and I look forward to seeing them again.

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coool pics!! :rocker:

they never allowed cameras in the LA show i went to .. :mad: even though i took my camera with me i had to give it to their security before going inside.

badass show \m/

11-24-2008, 07:21 PM
you're preety lucky to see them at the metro, I've seen alot of good bands there, but nothing like iced earth. And the 10pm curfew is very true. It really really sucks. I think at the gates ended at like 9:30 same with Hammerfall a few years back when they toured.