View Full Version : Necromance -- Hauppauge, NY -- October 26th, 2008

10-27-2008, 12:26 AM
Well my band drove all the way out to Long Island (from Allentown, PA) to play a show. To say the least this was totally not worth it. The venue was real nice, the staff, techs, and other bands couldn't have been better to us. The problem was there just simply wasn't anyone there. I managed to get a few friends to show up and there were some other people there but it was just a dismal turnout in general. I still had a lot of fun onstage but we had the hell experience of lifetime getting to this place, and had to get pretty crafty with directions both coming and going home. I've never been so glad to be back in Pennsylvania.

Set list:
1.Stand Up and Fight
2.Breaking the Chains
3.This Holy War
4.Strange Wings (Savatage)
6.The End of Our Days
7.Never Look Back
8.Destiny Calls