View Full Version : Stuck Mojo -- London, England -- October 6th, 2008

10-07-2008, 02:01 AM
Smashing The UK Southern Style Tour
Venue: Underworld

Death Valley Piledriver (20:00 - 20:30)
The Blood
End of Days


Vendetta (20:45 - 21:15)
Vindictive Bitch (??)
Rest In Peace (??)
No Surrender
Chinese Whispers
Horns Up


Stuck Mojo (21:45 - 23:15)
Not Promised Tomorrow
Enemy Territory
2 Minutes of Death
Open Season
Metal Is Dead
That's When I Burn (with Renny Carroll)
(Here Comes The) Monster
Raise The Deadman
Throw The Switch
Southern Pride

10-07-2008, 02:13 AM
Absolutely awesome show. Stuck Mojo don't normally have great support bands, but these two were awesome.

They always do the decent thing and choose local bands they like to support them, and take them on the whole tour. At least, they do in the UK. But they're not always great (Rich Ward has a bit of a thing for very average hardcore bands).

Death Valley Piledriver (from Peterborough, England) are heavy as fuck. Killer riffs ranging from Slayer to Pantera etc. I got their demo at the show but haven't listened to it yet. If the riffs on there are anything like as cool as live, it's going to be awesome.

Vendetta (from Peterborough, England) are a rap+metal+hardcore band. The singer is a little bit white-boy-rap (a very ill-advised 'skit' at one point met with blank stares), but again they are heavy as fuck and their songs rocked.

Both bands had lots of attitude, riffs and blazing solos. Check them both out.

10-07-2008, 06:47 AM
Love the old song in the mojo set...2 minutes of death!

10-07-2008, 07:26 AM
It wasn't a bad set, but a bit predictable. The entire set from March is in there, plus two or three songs they had to leave out. Lots of the songs are the same as the tour they did in 2005 as well. I'd like to see some different stuff in there now.

Plus, they've finished the next album, it's out next month, so I was hoping for one new song as well.