View Full Version : Green Jello -- Detroit, MI -- October 4th, 2008

10-05-2008, 12:10 AM
This was the second time in a year that Green Jello came to I-Rock, and it did not disappoint. While there was not as big of a crowd, it was quite a loud crowd. The following are the setlists of openers Radioactive Chicken Heads, and Green Jello.

Radioactive Chicken Heads
1. ???? (possibly Cluck You!)
2. Boris The Spider (The Who cover)
3. The Mirror
4. Liquid Fat
5. Bird Brain
6. Pest Control
7. Our Last Song!

this set seemed like 15 minutes, but it was one of the best 15-20 minutes id ever seen. They were really fun.

Green Jello
1. Obey The Cowgod
2. Gefilte Fish
3. Electric Harley House of Love
4. Super Elastic
5. Carnage Rules
6. Anarchy In Bedrock
7. Cereal Killer
8. You Canít Kill Me
9. The Bear Song
10. Orange Krunch
11. Sugar & Spice
12. Rock N Roll Pumpkin
13. The Misadventure of Shitman
14. (A song about Shitman becoming president)
15. Three Little Pigs

Before Green Jello took stage Manspeaker told everyone to come on stage, and half the crowd did, and didn't leave for the entire show. Aswell brought tables on stage. One of the main highlights was the Pupper Mosh Pit on stage, in which random fans went on stage with masks of the Flintstones, Sesame Street (i got to be Trix the rabbit :D), and we took on Orange Krunch in a mosh pit on stage. With all those people already up there, and not being able to see, it was extremely dangerous, there were points were i thought i was facing one direction but i was facing a completely different one. In all it was a great show.

Rosemary's Billygoat also played and were amazing, but have no idea what songs they played besides 665 and 1/2