View Full Version : Cruefest -- Mohegan Sun, CT -- August 24th, 2008

08-25-2008, 06:47 AM
first thread, so here we go....

got up to mohegan sun, uncasville, ct. had few beers :realchug:and dinner, then off to the show. buckcherry came on for about an hour and played:

tired of you
lit up
next to you
too drunk...
encore: crazy bitch

the crue came on for an hour and a half and played:

kickstart my heart
wild side
shout at the devil
saints of los angeles
-mick mars guitar solo-
live wire
sick love song
-tommy lee and the Tit.E Cam-
mutherfucker of the year
don't go away mad
same ol'e situation
primal scream
looks that kill
girls girls girls
encore: home sweet home

i was pretty impressed with buckcherry, very loud, but they were dead on, note for note.... a really good opening act.:D motley crue really out did themselves. i don't know how you could improve on what they did. i was totally blown away by them. this was a better performance than the 2006 carnival of sins. :rocker:the stage was a simple layout, without many props this year, but an incredible amount of pyro's. :flame:the band, themselves, was explosive. mick mars was great, and did a great solo. they were firing on all cylinders. vince's voice was great and he did not let down either. i know that this will generate some controversy, but i would say that the crue was better than priest, whom i saw a week earlier. :eek:
but if you have the chance to see them, i would highly recommend it. though for our show and only our show on this tour, there was no trapt, no papa roach, no sixx a.m. so that part sucked.:nutkick: i don't know why.....:confused: if anyone does know why, let me know...... peace bros
one funny thing: there was this lesbian standing next to me, and everytime she lit up her cigarette lighter for "home sweet home",:light: i kept blowing it out when she wasn't looking..... :wasntme:(and no she wasn't hot)