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08-17-2008, 03:12 AM
whats up yall

i've been a member for awhile (it says a year?) but i always just came here to get setlists for shows i filmed.

i film gigs in and around pittsburgh, and also follow Clutch sometimes, in fact i've filmed them in 4 differant states now.

i'd like to thank everyone for posting setlists, esp for tours like ozzfest, mayhem, and metal masters - its been an invaluable assistance in me getting the right tracklisting for a lot of shows I've filmed where I don't know the artists material that well

whenever i film shows i'll try to post the setlist here from now on. i'd do the metal masters and mayhem ones but they seem to already have been covered.

if anyone would like to see some of my work, here is my youtube channel


you'll find 2008 vidz from Down, High on Fire, Clutch, Machinehead, Mastodon, Trouble, The Roots, Bakerton Group, Don Cabellero, Today is the Day, and 5 Finer Death Punch, plus '07 vidz from Lamb of God, Ozzy, Hatebreed, Flyleaf, and more. Also classic clips from 2000-2001 of alot of nu-metal and hardcore bands like Glassjaw, Snapcase, Nothingface, Dropkick Murphys, and much, much more. Oh, also the largest collection of Clutch videos anywhere on the internet.

soon i'll be uploading videos I shot @ the Metal Masters tour on 8/16/08. I got everyone except Priest, unfortunatly 6 minutes into there performance something shitty happened involving security guards, a friends certain bagged substance, and me getting charged with it to 'cause the cop saw me flick something and later found a roach on the ground. fucker. so we got thrown out. and fined $400 each.

08-17-2008, 02:19 PM
Sweet man....Thanks.

08-17-2008, 03:20 PM
Testament - Practice What you Preach

Testament- More Than Meets the Eye

Motorhead - Over the Top

Motorhead - Killers

Motorhead - Drum Solo/In The Name of Tragedy

Heaven & Hell - Neon Knights

Heaven & Hell - Tony Iommi Guitar Solo

Heaven & Hell - Drum Solo/Time Machine

Heaven & Hell - The Sign Of The Southern Cross

Judas Priest - Intro/Prophecy