View Full Version : Scorpions -- Costa Mesa, CA -- August 3rd, 2008

Fe Maiden
08-04-2008, 06:52 AM
This show I attended. Sammy Hagar was the opener. I was actually surprised by the great show he put on. Michael Anthony joined in on bass for some songs. I don't know the exact set but it included some VH stuff, a Led Zep medley, some stuff from Sammy's solo career, and some very old stuff from when Sammy was in Montrose.

Sammy was actually the headliner at the other 2 CA Scorpions shows. I can kind of see why. He and his band were very energetic on stage and seemed to really be enjoying themselves! Their sound was excellent as well!

Then on to the Scorpions:

1.Hour 1
2.Coming Home
3.The Zoo
4.No Pain No Gain
5.Coast To Coast
6.Send Me An Angel
8.Loving You Sunday Morning
9.I'm Leaving You
12.Kottak Attack
13.Scorpions Attack
15.Big City Nights


16.Still Loving You
17.No One Like You
18.Rock You Like A Hurricane

Sound was horrible for the first feww songs! Not much enthusiasm shown by the band IMO. Seemed like they were just "going through the motions" so to speak. Definitely not loud enough!!! I may be spoiled, however, after the 3 SBIT shows I saw this year:D Still an enjoyable show, but I've seen them do so much better!