View Full Version : Joey Belladonna -- Toronto, Canada -- May, 19th, 2008

05-20-2008, 05:20 PM
Rob you Blind
Blunt Man
Power Trip
Hard Life
Two Faced
Got the Time
Heaven and Hell/Jack Frost Guitar Solo
Metal Thrashing Mad

***Caught in a Mosh and Perfection were on the setlist but were not performed

Overall one of the sickest shows I have been to. Joey and the rest of the band were hanging around with fans all evening and they were more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures. Unfortunatly due to a pneumonia drummer Paul Marciano could not make the show, so instead of canceling they performed as a three piece with Joey singing and playing drums at the same time.:party:

Sin Dealer May, 19, 2008
-Got Into You
-High on Sin
-Lying to Myself
-Rock & Roll Mass
-A New Level

Second time seeing Sin Dealer. They are really nice guys, they gave me and my friend a free shirt after their performance. an awesome Pantera cover by the way.

05-31-2008, 08:51 AM
Yeah this was an amazing show. It was awesome how durring the openers that Joey, RC and Jack were listening to the opening bands and cheering. One of the opening bands, Blackened was amazing (as good as Sin Dealer I would say, if not better), and I got their demo if anybody is interested. Sin Dealers Eric Kuthe was hanging around durring the whole show too. Nick_666 and I went over to him and talked with him for a while. We told him we saw him with W.A.S.P a while ago. Afterwards he said he'd give Nick and Me free shirts.

After Sin Dealers set Nick went over to Eric to ask about the shirts while I was holding our spot front and center of the stage. Thanks to my fat-assery I got a hoodie because they didnt have XL T-shirts. I got Sin Dealers CD (from the W.A.S.P) show if anyone is interested. Its real good and they wouldnt mind me spreading their music around (they were giving their CD's, not demos out for free).

Joey Belladonna was amazing. Played alot of Anthrax classics and Heaven and Hell Medley/Jam was a nice surprise too. It was spontaneous because the whole time they were sorta goofing around on stage, talking to each other and fans. Once in a while playing some random riffs to goof off. Heaven and Hell started as a goof but when Joey started singing to it, It turned into a song. Unfortunately he did not know all the words so Jack and RC threw some solos in there.