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05-03-2008, 09:49 AM
Paid, Inc. (http://www.paid.com/). From their corp background:

During this same time period the Company began hosting an increasing number of autograph signings and also started engaging in the business of hosting celebrity websites. This new venture began with athletes and quickly moved to provide fan community services for music artists, celebrities, and entertainers. The athlete websites started to grow and with a roster of great football and baseball players like Doug Flutie, Tim Wakefield, and Bronson Arroyo, new athletes/clients were signing up with Paid every month. In 2004, the Company signed a contract to host Aerosmith's Official Fan community, www.AeroForceOne.com, and a new age of Paid's business began to evolve. Soon afterwards Paid began to sign other music clients and celebrities and now hosts such artists as The Cars, Patti LaBelle, DMC and Rockapella.

Paid now provides a multitude of services for their celebrity clientele including video production, merchandising, ticketing, fan experience programs, community development, management, marketing and sponsorships. Paid's philosphy of great products and customer service continues today as they continue to grow and become a leader in the celebrity services industry.

Here's the press release on signing Priest:

LONDON and BOSTON, MA (April 30, 2008)— The renowned heavy metal rock band JUDAS PRIEST (www.JudasPriest.com) has signed a three-year contract with Paid Inc.’s (OTCBB: PAYD) celebrity services business for fan club activities and VIP ticket packages. The highly theatrical and extremely popular ‘Metal Gods’ announced this newly contracted partnership while continuing their international tour, and amid eager anticipation of their long-awaited Nostradamus concept album, a metal opera based on the life and predictions of the famed 16th century French seer Nostradamus.

The partnership with Paid, Inc. will boost PRIEST’s ability to communicate with their fans all over the world, create a vibrant, active fan community and to offer a larger-than-life fan experience through a VIP fan experience packages with features such as premium seating, meet & greets with band members and pre-concert parties.

“JUDAS PRIEST continues to give off such a strong presence, and their longevity and extreme popularity are truly the stuff of legend,” said Keith Garde, president of Paid celebrity services. “Paid is pleased to have the opportunity to step in and assist them in making their online presence, fan activities and VIP fan experience ticket packages match the level that their fans desire. Through our proven methods of handling online presence, fan relations and VIP package fulfillment, we will build on those connections. Fans will feel much more in tune with JUDAS PRIEST even when they are halfway across the globe.”

On April 21st, JUDAS PRIEST announced that they will co-headline “The Metal Masters Tour” -- a 16-event tour with Heaven and Hell, Motorhead, and Testament that is sure to be the heavy metal event of 2008.