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04-26-2008, 01:16 PM
Source: Tobias Sammet's Offical Site (http://www.tobiassammet.com/eng/index.htm)

Directly from Tobi's site:

Hello friends,

How are you doing? It's been a while since I have been speaking to you. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for your great support. "The Scarecrow" is an album that means a lot to me and it was quite a commercial risk to just follow my heart instead of doing exactly what people expected. But if I take a look at the chart positions and sales - it went into the album charts in 16 countries, hitting the Top10 in four countries - it seems like you appreciate my honesty! Thank you!

Now preparing for the festival summer with Avantasia seems so surreal. Avantasia has never been on stage before and all of the sudden we are headlining the biggest festivals in the world, just been confirmed for the Sziget festival in Hungary on the 13th of August, playing amongst legendary bands such as R.E.M., die Ärzte, Iron Maiden and the Sex Pistols. Amazing!
The Avantasia line up will be Jorn Lande, André Matos, Amanda Somerville, Olli Hartmann, Bob Catley (not all shows), Sascha Paeth, Miro, Robert Hunecke, Claudy Yang and Frank Lindenthal who is gonna replace Eric Singer who'll be playing with KISS. Despite all rumors Michael Kiske will not be there, as he didn't wanna do it and I respect that! We'll put on a huge epic show anyway. Nobody has done something like that before and I swear, nobody will ever forget the event, neither you nor us!!!

Check the tour section to read all the dates or check www.edguy.net to read some other interesting news about a new Edguy album maybe?! Now I can't wait to hit the road.

Love and peace, Tobias