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04-14-2008, 10:46 AM
Source: Bleeding Through (http://www.bleedingthrough.com/main.php)

From their official site: Hey All very sorry we haven't updated this news section in a while. Right now we are in the studio in Vancouver, Canada with producer Devin Townsend making our new album, Declaration, which we hope to release this summer. As soon as we're done recording and mixing, we'll be hitting a bunch of festivals in Europe as long as "side-shows" with Throwdown. We have a MAJOR US tour in the works for the summer as well. In other news, have you ever wondered how the pictures for our last album, The Truth, were created? Well, designer Don Clark (who also plays guitar for Demon Hunter) just gave a bunch of conceptual sketches and a series of work-in-progress photos from "The Truth" to MTV News and wrote a blog for MTV's Headbanger's Blog wso be sure to check that out. It was really cool to see how that all came together a few years ago.