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03-11-2008, 06:25 AM
Can someone give me the setlist they played?

I know they played these songs im pretty positive about

Papryus Containg the Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water.
Eat Of The Dead
The Blessed Dead
Black Seeds Of Vengeance

And thats all I know FOR SURE. If anyone could help me with the rest of them and in order 2, that'd be amazing.

03-12-2008, 08:05 AM
Well I saw them at a tiny little venue, so they might have cut a few tracks, but here's what they played (order might be SLIGHTLY incorrect):

1. what can be safely written
2. sacrifice unto sebek
3. papyrus containing the spell to preserve its possessor...
4. ithyphallic
5. cast down the heretic
6. eat of the dead
7. the essential salts
8. lashed to the slave stick
9. ramses, bringer of war
10. annihilation of the wicked
11. black seeds of vengeance
12. unas, slayer of the gods

i was pretty disappointed that they only played 1 song from each of the first 3 albums...no sarcophagus, blessed dead, chapter for transforming into a snake, etc. - i'd heard that they had planned on playing the black flame this tour as well, but i definately didn't hear it.

03-13-2008, 10:06 PM
Thanks for the list... but please posts lists in the main set lists forum.

Here's the whole list: http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=7969