View Full Version : Municipal Waste -- San Francisco, CA -- December 2nd, 2007

12-02-2007, 11:15 PM
I'm putting Municipal Waste in the title cuz even though they weren't the headliner I didn't stay for Suicidal Tendencies (obviously since I'm home and its like 11) so they were the next choice. Gonna throw in a little recap of Saturday's thrash bonanza too.

So anyways this most metal of weekends officially kicked off at noon on Saturday for a friends birthday bash house party with a whole bunch of thrash bands, indeed the ultimate recipe for disaster. Originally like 12 bands were supposed to play but I'm pretty sure that only like 8 at most actually did, can't remember though obviously. Shit started getting going only after lots more people came and were drunk and partying and shit (at its peak there were about 50 metalheads strong at this dudes house I would guess) which was around when my band played our set and we sucked pretty bad but for some reason people dug us, got lots of nice compliments and stuff. Everyone is friends and are really chill so it was great, despite being disappointed in myself personally I put it behind me and raged super hard for the rest of the bands. We played at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon I think, and the party didn't get broken up 'till like 8 or so, definitely lasted a lot longer than it could have. I'm sure videos will surface and I'm really looking forward to seeing it all captured live, luckily I escaped with minimal injury (I fucked up my back during Hatchet's set though after a bad fall which was lame) and made it home safely so it's all good. Bands that ruled include Laceration, Mutant Terror (so fucking rad, first time seeing them and they came up from LA for this, a non-lame LA thrash band is always good), Zombie Holocaust (who let Municipal Waste actually borrow their gear for a few of these Bay Area shows, rad!), and of course the staples Fog Of War and Hatchet. Crazy good times.

So then tonight I went and saw Municipal Waste at Slim's with the bassist from my band, dudes from Zombie Holocaust and Hatchet were there so we kicked it and raged together for the Waste, who were just off-the-charts insanely amazing. Security was out in full force but actually very chill, they did have like a barricade type of thing set up at the front like they have at big shows to deter stage diving, so clearly the Waste's live reputation precedes them. Still people crowd surfed and a couple actually did stage dive, and the pit was out of control. My back was killing me from last night so I didn't want to injure it worse, but I couldn't resist mixing it up in the thick of things during "Unleash The Bastards." There was no circle pitting though, pretty much all cross moshing and slamming (total jock pit, they should've played that one), fuckin crazy though you pretty much couldn't escape it even at the very front where I was most of the time. They actually got a Wall Of Death during I think it was the beginning of "Mind Eraser", I've never been in one before and let me tell you there's nothing like it. A mess of bodies just everywhere, a literal sea of people. Municipal Waste bring it live from every angle, they had the Inebriator out and dudes chugged from the beer bong (then of course stage dived into the crowd), and they did a bitchin' ass cover of S.O.D.'s "United Forces" with the guitarist of Suicidal Tendencies. An all around rad show, capping off a killer weekend of thrash.

Municipal Waste's setlist (not in order except for opener/closer)

The Art of Partying
Blood Drive
Headbanger Face Rip
Black Ice
Sweet Attack
Waste 'Em All
Mind Eraser
The Inebriator
Sadistic Magician
Terror Shark
Unleash The Bastards
Beer Pressure
Accelerated Vision
The Thrashin' of the Christ
Drunk As Shit
I Want to Kill The President
United Forces (S.O.D. cover)

Didn't stay for Suicidal cuz I'm absolutely dead tired and I have school tomorrow, oh well I'm content.