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11-28-2007, 08:04 AM
In the vein of the Concert-related topics we've had as of late, here's one:

List your top 10 concerts, and try to give an explanation as to why they rank so highly.

Mine aren't in any particular order, though generally the better ones are listed early:

1.Edguy - September 14th, 2004 -New York, NY
Support: Tad Morose
This was Edguy at the top of their game... a spectacular performance and a great set list with some nice surprises (Key to My Fate, Wake Up the King), and Tad Morose were probably the best opening act I've seen to date.

2.Blind Guardian - December 2nd, 2006 - Philadelphia, PA
Probably one of the finest live bands I've seen. Not amazing in terms of accuracy, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the duration of their brilliant set.

3.Firewind - September 24th, 2007 - Reading, PA
Support: Beyond Fallen
I was blown away at this show. The sound was a perfect 10, with every instrument as well as the vocals all being perfectly audible. Not a bad comment to be made, and the guys were extremely nice and came out and talked to all of us afterwards.

4.Stratovarius - September 20th, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA
I'd waited for this show for years and it turned out to be well worth it. Though the band (particularly the Timos) were fairly sloppy, it was still a really enjoyable show, and one of the best crowds I've been in in terms of being into the show but not ruining your enjoyment of it.

5.Symphony X - May 25th, 2007 - New York, NY
Another show I waited a while to see, SX headlining. This show was especially great because there were no opening acts. These guys display such a huge amount of ownage in terms of technical performance in the live environment.

6.Gamma Ray - May 1st, 2006 - New York, NY
I have to admit, I didn't enjoy myself that much during a chunk of their set due to the crowd, but in general I was thoroughly impressed. Once I made my way to the back of the crowd, I was able to really appreciate how great their sound was.

7.Iron Maiden - January 24th, 2004 - New York, NY
No real explanation needed here, we all love Maiden. I felt privileged to take in one of the few US shows in support of Dance of Death.

8.Queensryche - February 5th, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA
I've seen them 4 times now, but the first was still the most memorable... A full production of Mindcrime as well as a "hits" set, basically the full package, really enjoyable show, they've not let me down any of the times I saw them.

9.True Metal America (Twisted Tower Dire, Attacker, Sacred Oath) - October 28th, 2006 - Hoboken, NJ
A 90 minute drive turned into 3 hours one way, due to getting lost and horrible traffic. Wound up being a helluva story, but well worth it for a great package of true metal. TTD absolutely owned, and made me feel pretty bad that we were the only ones really getting into their set.

10.Symphony X - August 10th, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA
Despite my issues with the fairly poor set list, this was another show where I was just able to completely enjoy myself and observe a great showing of their amazing talent. Russell Allen sounded brilliant.

Special mentions to:
Hammerfall/Edguy (8/16/05)
Tesla (9/20/04)
Iron Maiden (10/7/06)

11-28-2007, 08:16 AM
These are the bands. Not got time to look up the dates right now. Will update later. Might change one or two.




Guns N' Roses

The Duke


Shooter Jennings

Damian Wilson

Skid Row


11-28-2007, 08:36 AM
1. Iron Maiden- August 22, 2003 - Phoenix, AZ
This one speaks for itself. I suspect that the only thing that would be able to top this would be another Maiden show, or possibly if Sleater-Kinney decided to get back together and I saw them. Otherwise, it will remain as my #1.

2. Against Me!- March 17, 2007 - Tucson, AZ
Seeing one of your favorite bands is great, but seeing them in a tiny, intimate venue is even better. The setlist was amazing, the band was on fire, and the crowd was great (hearing the whole place explode with everyone singing "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" is something I'll never forget).

3. Alkaline Trio - April 2, 2006 - Phoenix, AZ
This one definitely had one of the most comprehensive and well-planned setlists I've ever heard. They played their entire debut album from start to finish, THEN did a whole set of their other material. They must have played for more than 2 hours.

4. Tegan & Sara - November 1, 2007 - Tucson, AZ
The setlist was amazing, since they played almost all of their new album, and their between-song banter was hilarious.

5. AFI - February 17, 2007 - Tucson, AZ
This was another one where the size of the venue made a big difference. They're an extremely popular mainstream band, but they decided to play a theater that only holds a few hundred people, which made for a great experience.

6. Queensryche - February 14, 2005 - Tucson, AZ
3 words: Operation: Mindcrime live.

7. Opeth - September 11, 2006 - Tucson, AZ
Lamb of God were the headliners of this show, but they couldn't come close to Opeth that night. It was a great setlist for how little time they had (still almost an hour), and in terms of musical proficiency, they're one of the tightest live bands I've ever seen.

8. NOFX - April 15, 2004 - Tucson, AZ
Most of their set was pretty good, but when Jello Biafra came out and sang "Too Drunk To Fuck" with them, that instantly solidifed the show in my favorites list.

9. Iced Earth - May 2004 - Scottsdale, AZ
This was on the Glorious Burden tour, and the band played extremely well. There were some great older songs thrown in the mix as well, and Ripper put on one of the most impressive live vocal performaces I've ever heard.

10. Blink 182 - September 2001 - Phoenix, AZ
This one's mostly here for nostalgia purposes, since it was my first concert ever :D

11-28-2007, 01:08 PM
10 Shows That I Remember as fucking awesome, off the top of my head... No Order

Iron Maiden - October 12th, 2006 - Uniondale, NY
Nothing can ever beat waiting hours for Maiden and getting to be in the front fucking row for one of the greatest tours the greatest band ever has ever done. :bowdown:

Judas Priest/Queensryche - June 17th, 2005 - Jones Beach, NY
With a lineup of two of my favorite bands, how could this not make the list? Fuckin' great show that was.

Stratovarius - October 2nd, 2006 - NYC, NY
This show rocked my balls off.

Symphony X - May 25th, 2007 - NYC, NY
This was one of the most exciting shows ever. Even when the band fucked up the intro to Smoke and Mirrors (which owned) it was awesome.

Iron Maiden - January 26th, 2004 - NYC, NY
To be honest, I could just fill this list up with as much Maiden as possible.

Tony Levin - June 13th, 2006 - NYC, NY
This is an odd pick to go on this list. But, looking back, this is definitely one of the better shows I've seen.

Queensryche - September 21st, 2006 - NYC, NY
Double Mindcrime show. Obvious pick for this list. Goddamn it was good.

Megadeth - November 10th, 2004 (I don't remember if this is the right date) - NYC, NY
Uh. This was fucking awesome. It's hard to describe how great they were that night.

Iron Maiden - July 26th, 2003 - Jones Beach, NY
A significant show for me. Maiden weren't my favorite band until after this show, when I realized no band could possibly be better than that. :D

Opeth - February 3rd, 2006 - NYC, NY
Great show, amazing set. :)

Heh, looks like 2006 was a great year.

11-28-2007, 01:14 PM
Since I haven't been to that many, I'll do 5.

1. Symphony X (July 2007): I don't really have to say how awesome the music was, because that sort of speaks for itself. The crowd basically made this show for me; every single person was ecstatic as fuck to see the band, and the show was rather intense, what with moshing and crowd surfing. Russell caught an inflatable dolphin that was flying around and pretended to...erm...hump it, and that was rather enjoyable. The Odyssey was an experience in itself.

2. Dream Theater (August 2007): Although they're not the most energetic band live, and I do hate stadium seating, they get this spot mainly because I love them so much, so the concert was moreso a celebration of the band itself. But the show was still very good.

3. Kamelot (September 2006): My first metal concert, and a very good one at that. It was very intimate because of the small venue, and Kamelot played a hell of a show. Thomas Youngblood throwing me the horns while playing and then throwing me his pick remain two of the most memorable concert experiences for me.

4. Gojira (November 2007): Although they opened for Behemoth, I simply love them more; their intensity is unparalleled, and they are so incredibly heavy. My neck was basically dead after two songs.

5. Epica (September 2007): Here they opened for Overkill (still one of the stranger pairings in recent memory), but because I just know/love them more, they were a tad more enjoyable...that, and I had all of my energy for them, but only half for Overkill later in the evening. Mark Jansen is a hell of a cool guy live, what with giving out guitar picks and marking out for people wearing Death t-shirts (yours truly). Hate them or love them, they give justice to Crystal Mountain.

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
11-28-2007, 04:31 PM
too many to sort through, but my favorite Maiden show was the Ed Hunter Tour. getting to see Bruce back with Maiden was a highlight.

11-28-2007, 06:31 PM
I'm gonna do performances rather than entire shows, because a lot of great performances were at shows with shit bands.

1. Queensrÿche- September 28, 2005- Columbus, OH
The first good concert I attended (I had seen Good Charlotte and Ted Nugent prior). Ryche have lost some staying power with me but this show and Mindcrime were completely ridiculous.

2. Sparrows Swarm and Sing- August 19, 2006- Troy, OH
Still probably the most incredible thing I've seen from an artistic standpoint. Helped get me into atmospheric music and just basically ruled.

3. Tool- June 29, 2007- Cincinnati, OH
From a technical standpoint, easily the best prog show I've seen. They nailed the stuff from the record and even made it better live. Plus, Danny Carey=God.

4. Clutch- February 28, 2007- Columbus, OH
Caught 'em on a night when they jammed. They played close to three hours and played a fifteen minute Cypress Grove. Unbeatable rock show.

5. Rush- September 1, 2007- Cincinnati, OH
Classic band playing classic songs. It's unreal to hear stuff like "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight" that you've heard on the radio for years in a live setting and see how well they handle it. Plus, Neil Peart=Jesus. :D

6. Opeth- February 21, 2006- Columbus, OH
First death metal band and first true prog band I'd seen live. Blew my mind. And Mikael's onstage banter is always hilarious and charming.

7. Kenoma- August 19, 2006- Tipp City, OH
First time I saw these guys live and it changed my life. I'd never listened to post-anything or anything-gaze, and they blew me away. Bonus: open window behind band during thunderstorm added mucho effect to songs like "1913".

8. Queensrÿche- November 18, 2006- Covington, KY
Definitely a fantastic show, and it was awesome to see the acting/story for O:M I and II. But II dragged a bit so it can't be higher.

9. Porcupine Tree- October 23, 2007- Cincinnati, OH
Steven Wilson & Co. produced an amazingly memorable night of prog. Bonus: met Eric. ;)

10. Heaven & Hell- May 8, 2007- Cincinnati, OH
Being that close to Tony Iommi was unreal. Great great metal show.

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11-28-2007, 10:29 PM
Not necessarily in order, but sort of...

Guided by Voices, Detroit, The Magic Stick, circa 2003
Best live band ever. (Saw them again on their final tour which confirmed it). During the first song Robert Pollard opened a bottle of Jack Daniels, took a swig, and handed into the front row for folks to pass around. He and the band proceeded to drink like mad and go thoroughly nuts on stage for the rest of the set. Which was mammoth. After 90 minutes Pollard said they were just about halfway through their set, which I thought was a splendid joke until I realized he actually meant it, and they went on to play another 90 minutes. Beyond it's sheer size, the set list was great, and they sounded fantastic, and it was just the best, most impressive, most thoroughly enjoyable night of live music I've had the privilege to experience. Just thinking of the version of "Cut-Out Witch" they played that night gets my blood pumping.

Iron Maiden at Ozzfest 2005 - August 4th, 2005 - DTE Energy Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI
(w/ In Flames and Black Sabbath and others).
The Early Days setlist was fantastic, with the big highlights being Phantom of the Opera and an amazing rendition of Revelations. Bruce sounded better than I've ever heard him. A completely mesmerizing performance. The rest of Ozzfest was just a bonus -- and Black Sabbath was surprisingly good (the old songs sound great with Iommi's more modern, crunchier guitar sound), and In Flames took by totally by surprise with how excellent they sounded live.

Tom Waits, Detroit Opera House, August 11, 2006
Tom Waits hadn't played Detroit in like 20 years, and probably won't ever make it back again, so tickets sold out in minutes, and I was lucky as hell to snag a pair at 8:01 the morning they went on sale. I don't know that much explanation is required -- it's Tom fucking Waits. He slew. After playing with his band for a while, in the middle of the set they brought out a little piano for him to sit at and do a few of his older tunes - and he went way back and pulled out songs I hadn't dreamed of hearing: "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis", one of the most perfect songs of all time, and "Invitation to the Blues." An amazing evening.

Ani Difranco with her 7 piece band, Ann Arbor, Hill Auditorium (I think), circa 2002
Many of her songs sounded completely renewed and refreshed by the full band -- especially the horn arrangements -- and the new (as in brand new, written on tour and never previously released or recorded) songs she played were outstanding.

Old 97s with the Meat Purveyors, Detroit, the Magic Stick, circa 1997
They were such a great live band in their prime, before they got all adult contemporary. Unbelievable. And the punk-bluegrass Meat Purveyors were spectacular as the opener.

Tad w/ Babes in Toyland, The Heidelberg, Ann Arbor, circa 1990
One of my first live shows at a small local club when I turned old enough to get in the door. I was already big fan of Tad (a heavy lumberjack grunge band, sorta), and being able to see them in a tiny club, right up close, was mindbending. And I had never heard Babes in Toyland -- but they completely floored me. All female band that rocked like crazy, and their singer had the most astonishing banshee growls and wails that I've ever heard.

Jawbox w/ My Bloody Valentine, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, circa 1991
I was on the guest list. (I had interviewed Jawbox's bassist and done a story on them for the student newspaper.) Jawbox was debuting a lot of new material, and really the first hints of the band they would become (which is one of my all-time favorite bands) -- so it had the air of being let in early on a big secret. It felt revelatory. And My Bloody Valentine (who was my roommate's favorite band -- and he was on the guest list too, having interviewed and done a story on them) were really strong live, too -- much more compelling than I had ever found them to be through their recordings.

Anthrax and Ozzy (and Helloween), circa 1989 (whenever the No Rest for the Wicked Tour hit Detroit)
Good memories of this concert in part because I wasn't allowed to go, and had to deceive my parents (Mom I'm staying over at Dave's house -- what do you mean you called and couldn't get through -- oh silly me I must have mixed up two of the numbers in his phone number). And in part because Anthrax was phenomenal (opening with Be All End All was huge), and Ozzy was no slouch although the new material with that scrawny Zakk Wylde kid left something to be desired. (A side note: we laughed Helloween off the stage as sad Iron Maiden wannabes.)

Iron Maiden Somewhere on Tour, March 14, 1987, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland OH
Well, it was my first real concert aside from seeing Journey with my parents a year earlier. In truth, my memory of the show is patchy at best. I remember the fog-filled stage during Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and I remember the big cyborg Eddie strolling around on the stage for a song. But mostly I remember the incredible stage set, and the way Eddie emerged from the stage during the last song -- the drums rising up on top of his head, the two little platforms where Adrian stood in the palm of one hand, and Dave in the palm of the other... at age 14, that was unbelievably badass.

Dio with Megadeth and Savatage, Feb. 16, 1988, Cleveland OH
I was a metalhead, Dio hadn't jumped the shark yet, and Megadeth hadn't either, and Savatage had just put out Hall of the Mountain King. I mean, Savatage only played about 4 songs, but two of them were 24 Hours Ago and Hall of the Mountain King. And Megadeth played the entire first half of Peace Sells. Jesus. That ruled.

honorable mentions:
Lollapalooza 2, with RHCP, Soundgarden, Ice Cube, Ministry, and others. (first festival-type show)
Nirvana w/ Urge Overkill (first show I got into for free, on account of having interviewed King Rosier for UO, back when UO was awesome and Nirvana was just breaking big with Nevermind)
Pearl Jam on the Ten tour. (what sucked is that my glasses got knocked off my face 15 seconds into the show when the entire floor of St. Andrews inexplicably started moshing to the first song, and everything after that was blurry -- including Eddie Vedder climbing the wall of Marshall stacks to reach the balcony, and then climbing all the way around the entire venue along the balcony until making it back to the wall of Marshall stacks on the other side of the stage, and climbing back down, all during the space of a song...)
Concrete Blonde (Johnette's voice live is toooo good.)

11-28-2007, 11:28 PM
These are copied and pasted from a text document I keep of (nearly) all my concerts. I'm really tired but for some reason I committed myself to writing this up now, so if my descriptions sound a little dispassionate, you know why.

1. 9/23/07 @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Municipal Waste

Support: Gunna Vahm
Toxic Holocaust

The combination of two of my very favorite newer bands, Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, was absolutely mindblowing. The First Unitarian is a fucking great venue, and the moshing during this show was completely insane.

2. 1/17/07 @ Saints, Montreal, Canada


Support: Profane Anthem
Lacrimae Mortalium
Profugus Mortis

This show ranks so high really more for the experience than the show itself (which in any case was really fucking good). Three friends and I decided to make the 7-hour roadtrip up to Montreal in the dead winter, and it was one of the more fun thing's I've ever done. Moonsorrow were unbelievable; they were drinking heavily when we showed up hours before their set, and continued throughout the night, including while they were on stage, and they still managed to sound amazing. The drive back was pretty scary, though--we left immediately after the show and we were all falling asleep. We had to pull over at a rest stop at like 3 in the morning to sleep for a short while, and we got back at like 8 in the morning.

3. 5/26-27/07 @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD

Maryland Deathfest V

Lineup: Brutal Truth
Malevolent Creation
Extreme Noise Terror
Dead Infection
General Surgery
Cripple Bastards
Misery Index
Rotten Sound
Cock and Ball Torture
Odious Mortem
Jigsore Terror
Nunwhore Commando 666
Fuck the Facts
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation

Even though Ghoul was the only band in the lineup that I'm really really into and their set was disappointingly short, this festival was simply the biggest gathering of quality bands I've ever seen. 28 bands and not a single bad one (some were more average than others though). Really fun weekend.

4. 2/6/07 @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA


Support: B.S.O.M.
Into Eternity
Municipal Waste

Another wonderful thrash show at the First Unitarian. Into Eternity sucked though. There was this totally insane thrasher kid who was giving them the finger through their entire set, but sung along to every single word. It was bizarre. :eyes:

5. 9/29/06 @ Metal Kingdom, New York NY

Deströyer 666

Support: Agrath
Some others I don't remember the names of

Although we had to wait through hours of shitty black metal bands (Agrath being the good exception), Destroyer absolutely crushed. The highlight of the night was their last song--K.K. asked the crowd if they'd rather hear a Venom, Sodom, or Bathory cover, and Bathory got the loudest response, so they tore shit up through a cover of Call from the Grave. It was tremendous. We ended up missing the last train back and had to wait in Penn Station until the morning, but it was so worth it. Also, the venue was fucking crazy--it was this shitty little metal bar owned and operated by a bunch of awesome Mexican dudes. Everyone in that place was absolutely fucking wasted by the end of the night, and there were so many broken bottles on the floor, it was intense.

6. 9/15/06 @ BB King's Blues Club, New York, NY

Celtic Frost

Support: Sahg

One of the few shows I've been to where there are more than 2 bands and they're all quality. Frost was fucking great. And I met a good friend of mine at this show.

7. 10/21/07 @ B.B. King's Blues Club, New York, NY


Support: After Forever

I had to get an Overkill show on here somewhere. All 6 times I saw them (well, maybe excluding Gigantour 2006) were about equally awesome, but I was gonna go with either this one or my first time seeing them, for nostalgia reasons, or the time I went backstage and met them. I went with the most recent one mostly because the set was so great--they played a couple songs they usually don't (including F.U.C.T., which they've never played live before--I was so fucking excited they did), and something about them just seemed dead on that night. I didn't enjoy After Forever much, and I think there may have been another opening band, but I don't really remember.

8. 12/2/06 @ Sonar, Baltimore MD

Auditory Assault Festival

(Only saw Atheist)

I had been wanting to drive down to Maryland to visit my friend who moved there for school, and this show provided a perfect excuse to get down there. It was a festival, but I only showed up for Atheist. They were just really really good live, enough so to make it on this list. Plus, getting to see my friend added to the fondness for the memory.

9. 2/26/06 @ BB King's Blues Club, New York NY


Support: A Perfect Murder
Napalm Death

A Perfect Murder (and whatever other bands there were) were no good, but Napalm and Kreator were just fucking aces. Just a plain old great concert, no special circumstances surrounding it.

10. 1/8/06 @ BB King's Blues Club, New York NY


Support: Finntroll

Something about this concert makes me want to include it on this list, but I'm not sure exactly what that something is. Both bands were great, sure, but something about that night makes it stick out in my memory. Partially I guess it was that there were no shitty openers and I love both bands so much.

Aaand done. I'm gonna go crash :hecho:

11-29-2007, 06:56 AM
Iron Maiden - October 12th, 2006 - Uniondale, NY
Nothing can ever beat waiting hours for Maiden and getting to be in the front fucking row for one of the greatest tours the greatest band ever has ever done. :bowdown:

I have this show bootlegged on DVD. Great stuff.

Stratovarius - October 2nd, 2006 - NYC, NY
This show rocked my balls off.

I really regret not going to this, as I've been told by everyone I know who's gone that it was incredible. I also saw the set list, which was certainly drool worthy.

Symphony X - May 25th, 2007 - NYC, NY
This was one of the most exciting shows ever. Even when the band fucked up the intro to Smoke and Mirrors (which owned) it was awesome.

Iron Maiden - January 26th, 2004 - NYC, NY
To be honest, I could just fill this list up with as much Maiden as possible.

I was at both of these shows, and indeed they were spectacular. I know why SX fucked up the Smoke and Mirrors intro. If you look up a video on YouTube from the show, everyone except Romeo starts playing on time, and I actually got Romeo's set list, and they wrote "NO" in front of Smoke and Mirrors on it, probably as some sort of practical joke or something.
And yeah, that Maiden show was incredible, even though I nearly suffocated/suffered a heat stroke during their set. It was bitchin being GA and like approx. 6 rows of people back, but I thought I was gonna die that night. Nevertheless, the parts of that show I remember were incredible.

11-29-2007, 08:32 AM
I have this show bootlegged on DVD. Great stuff.

I really regret not going to this, as I've been told by everyone I know who's gone that it was incredible. I also saw the set list, which was certainly drool worthy.

I was at both of these shows, and indeed they were spectacular. I know why SX fucked up the Smoke and Mirrors intro. If you look up a video on YouTube from the show, everyone except Romeo starts playing on time, and I actually got Romeo's set list, and they wrote "NO" in front of Smoke and Mirrors on it, probably as some sort of practical joke or something.
And yeah, that Maiden show was incredible, even though I nearly suffocated/suffered a heat stroke during their set. It was bitchin being GA and like approx. 6 rows of people back, but I thought I was gonna die that night. Nevertheless, the parts of that show I remember were incredible.

:lol: :lol: @ The Mike Romeo prank. :D

12-03-2007, 07:20 AM
Im not going to post the dates because most of the I have forgoten.

1.Iron Maiden-I absolutely loved how Maiden played all of AMOLAD,I loved the album and it was an incredible show, I couldnt of asked for more.

2.ACDC-I managed to catch them on the Stiff Upper Lip tour, and it was awesome show, great setlist, and fucking loud!

3.Black Sabbath-What can I say my favourite band of all time,and catching them at Ozzfest with a massive crowd of 40000 was awesome and also got a pick from the man himself Tony Iommi!!

4.System Of a Down-Also saw these guys at Ozzfest and it was just a great show, Darons crazy stage antics, Serjs wierd dances, a great show!!

5.Iron Maiden-Caught em at Ozzfest as well for the Early Days tour, and its setlist was dream come true and to finally see Phantom of The Opera live as well as many other songs was just awesome.

6.Heaven and Hell-To see Sabbath and Megadeth was great, im also a big Pantera fan and never managed to see them, and seeing Down was probably the next best thing.

thats all im gonna do for now.

12-03-2007, 06:05 PM
1. Ozzfest '04-Sabbath. Priest. Slayer. BLS. Lamb of God. Dimmu Borgir.
Maybe not the best performances I've ever seen (other than Priest), but getting awesome bands one after another can't be beat. And seeing Sabbath was like being born again.

2. Unholy Alliance- Slayer, LoG, Mastodon, CoB
Sure there's some great pits and a whole lot of insanity at smaller shows, but nothing compares to a Slayer pit in a hockey arena. And my greatest hearing damage yet came from the Lamb of God set.

3. Ozzfest 06- SoaD, Ozzy, SYL, BLS, Unearth, Disturbed
THE first show with Ozzy on the 2nd stage. There were gates fencing off the first 100 feet from the 2nd stage that only let people with wristbands given out at 6-9 in the morning. Not gonna happen. We pushed them down in the middle of the first song and got a decent place. System, not my favorite band ever, but they put on one hell of a set. Only reason I listed Unearth was because they were the only semi-bright spot in waiting 2 and a half hours for BLS/Ozzy, through Norma Jean, Bleeding Through, and Atreyu

4. Alice in Chains- Velvet Revolver ampitheater tour. Jerry Cantrell is god. If he died today, he would be recognized almost as much as Dime is now.

5. Sounds of the Underground 07- Suicidal Tendencies, Gwar, Amon Amarth, Chimaira, 2 Cents, Goatwhore, Job for a Cowboy
All mentioned were intense. Yes, there were alot of shit bands, but it was inside and you could hang out. Met Amon Amarth, and Beefcake.

12-03-2007, 07:04 PM
1. Roger Waters - July 14th, 2007 @ Skydome

2. Roger Waters - September 20th, 2006 @ Air Canada Centre

3. The Police - November 8th, 2007 @ Air Canada Centre

4. Porcupine Tree/3 - October 16th, 2007 @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

5. Queensryche - November 1st, 2006 @ Kool Haus

6. Gigantour 2005 - September 3rd, 2005 @ Molson Amphitheatre

7. Judas Priest/Queensryche - June 5th, 2005 @ Molson Amphitheatre

8. Manowar/Rhapsody of Fire/Holyhell - June 12th, 2005 @ Opera House

9. Heaven and Hell/Megadeth/Down - March 22nd, 2007 @ Air Canada Centre

10. Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead - August 3rd, 2004 @ Molson Amphitheatre

12-03-2007, 07:05 PM
1. Roger Waters - July 14th, 2007 @ Skydome

2. Roger Waters - September 20th, 2006 @ Air Canada Centre

3. The Police - November 8th, 2007 @ Air Canada Centre

4. Porcupine Tree/3 - October 16th, 2007 @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

5. Queensryche - November 1st, 2006 @ Kool Haus

6. Gigantour 2005 - September 3rd, 2005 @ Molson Amphitheatre

7. Judas Priest/Queensryche - June 5th, 2005 @ Molson Amphitheatre

8. Manowar/Rhapsody of Fire/Holyhell - June 12th, 2005 @ Opera House

9. Heaven and Hell/Megadeth/Down - March 22nd, 2007 @ Air Canada Centre

10. Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead - August 3rd, 2004 @ Molson Amphitheatre

How is Air Canada Centre for shows?

12-03-2007, 07:27 PM
In no order other than chronological.

2004-08-04 – Rush @ The Tweeter Center in Camden
2005-02-05 – Queensryche @ The Electric Factory in Philadelphia
2006-04-01 – Dream Theater @ Radio City Music Hall in NYC (Score recorded)
2006-10-07 – Iron Maiden @ The Tweeter Center in Camden
2007-05-23 – Porcupine Tree @ The Electric Factory in Philadelphia (Met PT and MP)
2007-05-25 – Symphony X @ BB Kings in NYC
2007-08-24 - Dream Theater and Redemption @ PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel
2007-08-26 - Dream Theater and Redemption @ Tower Theater in Upper Darby
2007-09-22 - Rush @ Air Canada Centre in Toronto
2007-10-13 - Porcupine Tree @ The Beacon Theater in New York City (Met PT)

In my one experience at the Air Canada Centre I liked it a lot. Venue was very nice, security was not overly tight, and the sound was quite good.

12-03-2007, 09:20 PM
@ XxRyaNxX and Nick:

Very nice lists!


12-04-2007, 07:58 AM
2005-02-05 – Queensryche @ The Electric Factory in Philadelphia
2006-10-07 – Iron Maiden @ The Tweeter Center in Camden
2007-05-25 – Symphony X @ BB Kings in NYC

I was there. :D
Come to think of it, if memory serves me correctly, we went to the Queensryche and Maiden shows together.

By the way, I love your avatar.

12-04-2007, 11:34 AM
I haven't been to many concerts, so I'll give top 10 artists I've seen live. ;D

1. Oct. 16, 2006 - Celtic Frost
2. Oct. 21, 2007 - Dark Funeral
3. June 24, 2007 - Cattle Decapitation
4. November 10, 2006 - Cannibal Corpse
5. November 27, 2007 - Cattle Decapitation
6. November 03, 2007 - Behemoth
7. November 10, 2006 - Dying Fetus
8. June 24, 2007 - Necrophagist
9. June 24, 2007 - Decapitated
10. July 30, 2007 - ChthoniC

Honorable Mention:
February 03, 2007 - Slayer

12-04-2007, 02:34 PM
How is Air Canada Centre for shows?

As far as arena's go it's actually pretty good!

And thanks es156:party:

12-04-2007, 03:09 PM
Iron Maiden - July 26th, 2003 - Jones Beach, NY

Wasn't that the night Nicko hit the parking attended?

12-04-2007, 03:48 PM
Wasn't that the night Nicko hit the parking attended?

Haha, yep!

12-05-2007, 07:30 AM
Haha, yep!

Ah, that was a news announcement that will live on forever.

08-19-2008, 11:05 PM
i havent seen that many so ill do a 5

1) Iron Maiden-May 08. Favorite band ever, first Maiden show and the best set i couldve asked for.

2) Rush- July 04. just an amazing show. rush pulled out all the classics for the R30 tour.

3) Symphony X- 2007. prob my favorite prog band ever. Beats the show in 08 only cause they played the Odyssey :rocker:

4) Kamelot- 2007. just an amazing show. outstanding quality. Khan is a god

5) Blind Guardian- 2006. first power metal show. Valhalla and Bard's Song def my highlights.

08-19-2008, 11:34 PM
Sweet, I love thread resurrection :D Hmm, I should go to bed, oh well!

1. Iron Maiden - June 14th, 2008 @ Holmdel, NJ
- Support: Lauren Harris, Trivium
- This concert, well ... wow. We skipped both support acts, which was awesome. Then, Iron Maiden, the best band on the face of the planet, playing incredible songs from undoubtedly their best albums. All of this while standing in the lawn in the middle of a while thunderstorm for 2 hours. Absolutely perfect.

2. Iron Maiden - March 14th, 2008 @ East Rutherford, NJ
- Support: Lauren Harris
- This concert was just as good as the Holmdel one, minus the storm, plus Lauren Harris. Pretty much perfect.

3. Metal Masters - August 9th, 2008 @ Holmdel, NJ
- Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell, Motorhead, Testament.
- Testament was, cool I suppose. Motorhead ... is fucking Motorhead, it was awesome. Never thought I'd see Lemmy live, not to mention he'd be followed by Ronnie James Dio and then Rob Fucking Halford. Heaven & Hell was awesome, Dio is a god. And then Priest being my second favorite band (close after Maiden), it was incredible to see them. The band was spot on, sounded great, /boner.

4. Gigantour - August 25th, 2005 @ Holmdel, NJ
- Megadeth and a bunch of other bands I didn't really care about.
- It was the first Gigantour tour, it was my first music festival, and it was my first time seeing Megadeth. Most of the bands I didn't really care about, however Symphony X was pretty sweet. But I was mainly there for Megadeth, and when they came on, they were fuckin' awesome, especially since me and Brady snuck up to 9th row center right before they came on and somehow got to stay there the whole time.

5. Rush - August 7th, 2004 @ Scranton, PA
- No Support
- It was a pure 3 hours of Rush, my third favorite band, and boy did they deliver. It was an awesome show with lots of cool laser lights and just a great time. The band sounded great, and it was like a 30 song set, so it was real sweet.

6. Iron Maiden - October 13th, 2006 @ East Rutherford, NJ
- Support: Bullshit for my Valentine
- It was my first Maiden concert, so of course it was awesome. The support band was awful, however. And, even though AMOLAD is a good album, I was kind of disappointed they played the whole thing with 5 'classics'. I would have preferred a regular type of set. But it was still awesome.

7. Bang Camaro - February 1st, 2008 @ Hoboken, NJ
- No Support
- Even though I don't really call this a concert, since it was in a small club that fit like 100 people, it was more a small show, I still am putting this on the list. Bang, while a new band, is definitely one of my favorite bands. They're alot of fun, very unique, have really cool music, and overall put on a great show. It was fun being right there packed up against them and fist-pounding the bassist during songs.

8. Gigantour 2 - September 30th, 2006 @ Holmdel, NJ
- Megadeth, Overkill, and a bunch of bands I didn't care about.
- Again I was really there for just Megadeth and Overkill. Overkill got screwed into a 5 song set which was lame, but they still put on an awesome show. Then a bunch of crappy bands, then Megadeth came out. They again were freakin' incredible show.

9. Iced Earth - June 14th, 2004 @ Sayerville, NJ
- Supprort: Trivium, Beyond the Embrace.
- Trivium sucked, no one really knew them at the time, and I wish no one had ever found out about them. Beyond the Embrace was pretty lame too. Iced Earth, however, was pretty sweet. It was at Starland Ballroom, a small club-kinda place, so it was cool being right up close to the band. This was also my first-ever concert, so it was a cool experience.

10. Bon Jovi - July 29th, 2006 - East Rutherford, NJ
- Support: Nickelback
- Yeah ... I went to this because Bon Jovi is my mom's all time favorite band and her friend she was going with had to bail last minute. So I told my mom I would go with her because I felt bad and it also got me out of work. I mean, I'm really not a Bon Jovi fan, but I won't lie, he did put on a good show, for what it was.

And that's actually all the concerts I've been to.

08-20-2008, 05:20 AM
Not in any particular order, and ignoring festivals:

The Duke - May 1, 2005 - Borderline, London, England
Support - Ego
One of the most appalling support bands I've ever seen, but one of the most electrifying headline performances I've ever seen as well, in a tiny intimate venue. Also The Duke's first ever show.

Overkill - August 18, 2008 - Islington Academy, London, England
Support: Keltic Jihad
I know this was only a couple of days ago, but God damn. Straight into my all time top ten without hesitation.

Guns N' Roses - June 16, 2006 - Hammersmith Apollo, London, England
Support: Avenged Sevenfold
Skipped the support. Say what you want against the new GN'R, but you're wrong. They're outstanding, the new songs are excellent and Axl still has 'it'.

Opeth - September 20, 2005 - Mean Fiddler, London, England
First time of three seeing Opeth over the course of a 13 month period in three different London venues (including the Roundhouse on the night the recent live album was recorded). The first was jaw-dropping and supsequent shows have somehow never matched it.

Chris Cornell - September 2, 2007 - The Roundhouse, London, England
Two-and-a-half hours cherry picked from his solo albums, Soundgarden and Audioslave. And he's on brilliant form these days as well.

Arena - October 13, 2005 - Mean Fiddler, London, England
No support.
Three hours of pure Arena, touching on all the albums, some acoustic stuff thrown in too. Perfection.

Paul Weller - June 13, 2006 - Koko, London, England
Support: The Dogs
Average support; very Weller in style. I love Paul Weller, but only went to this because I won tickets. He always over-charges and I refuse to pay over-the-top to see him. But, he is outstanding live.

Nevermore - October 10, 2006 - Astoria, London, England
Although they were just the support (for Disturbed) they were unbelievable.

Celtic Frost - March 18, 2007 - Koko, London, England
Joint headliner with Kreator (who, criminally, I wasn't into at the time and skipped). Saw them on their first comeback tour in August 2006 and they were alright. This night they were unrelenting. Brutality in the extreme.

Therion - December 16, 2007 - The Fridge, London, England
Support: The Vision Bleak
A three-hour show that seemed like one. Cool guest appearances, a new song, acoustic stuff, brilliant performances by everyone. Flawless.

08-20-2008, 08:35 AM
1. Dark Funeral
Support: Naglfar, Daath, Unmerciful

First concert where every band was insanely good. And it was Naglfar's first US tour and they blew me away. And screaming along with Dark Funeral just made it that more awesome. I wanted to see every band on the bill, and they blew away my expectations.

2. Skeletonwitch
Support: Terror Tractor, Decimation

Driving 2 hours to see them on a cold, rainy school night in a tiny bar, Skeletonwitch gave one of the best performances ever. They came out into the crowd during some songs. Definitely the single best metal performance I've seen.

3. Ben Folds
Support: Eef Byzarlay, Black Violin

Third time seeing Ben Folds, I knew every word to every one of his songs. He didn't play a single bad song and it upset many of the casual fans there ("lol play brick and luckiest and i'll go home") but was awesome for me. I also screamed out "FUCK THE POLICE" during Bitches Ain't Shit and it made him laugh.

4. Origin
Support: Misery Index, Abysmal Dawn

I went into this concert only knowing Origin, but every band completely owned the show. Definitely the best death metal concert I'd ever been to. And my first mosh pit in a while. :tongue:

5. Celtic Frost
Support: Goatwhore

My first big boy concert. Too bad I missed them with Sunn O))) or 1349, but it didn't matter. It kinda clicked to me as soon as Celtic Frost ripped into the beginning of Procreation Of The Wicked that I realized I was seeing legends of metal. So awesome.

6. Vader
Support: Malevolent Creation, Cattle Decapitation, Abigail Williams, Light This City

Opening Bands stole the show, but Vader still did a fantastic job. It was my second time seeing Cattle Decapitation and they did not disappoint. However, Malevolent Creation was far and away the winner of the show. Comeplete face-ripping death metal that Vader had a hard time following up.

7. Wakarusa 2008
Bands: The Flaming Lips, Blackalicious, Buckethead, Mates Of State, etc.

My favorite festival so far. It was awesome having a backpack full of food and water so I didn't have to miss any bands. The first truly great performance was Mates of State followed by Del tha Funkee Homosapien. Awesome bands. Later in the day, Blackalicious, Buckethead, and Galactic all performed brilliant sets. And The Flaming Lips show was the most fun I'd ever had at a concert.

8. Boris
Support: Torche, Lair Of The Minotaur

The only thing that made this kinda upsetting was that Wolves In The Throne Room dropped off. Ah well, LOTM slayed even though the hipster crowd hated it. Torche really surprised me. They are heavy as shit. Although, really, Boris took the show. Playing almost all (if not all of it) of their Smile CD, they were unbelievably loud and heavy. Awesome.

9. High On Fire
Support: A Life Once Lost, Savious, Intronaut

I almost didn't go to this, but I'm glad I did. High On Fire was amazing live, but the opening bands weren't too bad either. I didn't care much for A Life Once Lost, but Intronaut and Saviours were outstanding, Intronaut being the best opener.

10. Summer Slaughter 2007
Bands: Necrophagist, Decapitated, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, etc.

Despite the metalcore bands, everyone else was awesome. Cattle Decapitation definitely got rid of all the scene kids there (I wouldn't wanna see how many were there this year!) and were fantastic. Too bad all that shit happened to Decapitated, because the pit during them here was one of the craziest I'd seen. Awesome metal band. And Necrophagist put on a flawless performance.

PS: I didn't include Judas Priest because the opening bands and the atmosphere was fucking terrible. Priest: A+. The concert: Fuck that shit.

08-20-2008, 09:08 AM
This list has changed dramatically since the last time I did it:

1.Iron Maiden - June 17th, 2008
I finally saw my favorite band front row. On the rail directly in front of Adrian Smith no less. This was the best 2 hours of my life, hands down. And H actually threw a pick right to me!

2.WASP - February 22nd, 2008
WASP playing the Crimson Idol (one of my favorite albums of all time) live in its entirety... absolutely breathtaking. It's a shame this tour didn't do more dates.

3.Firewind - September 24th, 2007
There were seriously like 50 people at this show, but it didn't stop Firewind from giving an absolutely killer show. Afterwards they were nice enough to just come out and hang out with us after the show. A really great experience for sure.

4.Iron Maiden - March 14th, 2008
Easily the lesser of the 2 shows I caught this tour, but no doubt still amazing. We were like 4 rows back for this due to that stupid fanclub shit. Either way, another amazing night.

5.Blind Guardian - December 2nd, 2006
It's hard to pinpoint why, but I feel Blind Guardian are one of the best live bands out there. They're just mesmerizing. Despite the audience being a big pain in the ass, this was still an amazing night, and there are few things in the world like singing "The Bard's Song" live.

6.Symphony X - April 6th, 2008
Symphony X absolutely never disappoint, but this probably ranks of the greatest combination of a great show and a great time I've had seeing them.

7.Edguy - September 14th, 2004
I was lucky enough to see Edguy on the original Hellfire Club tour, on one of the 3 dates they did while over here for ProgPower... with TAD MOROSE supporting nonetheless. The set list was filled with killer rarities (Key to My Fate, Wake Up the King, We Don't Need a Hero) and it was just an absolutely great show.

8.Stratovarius - September 20th, 2005
This show was a long-time coming. Stratovarius were the first power metal band I ever liked, and I had basically convinced myself that I would never get to see them live. This show wasnt the most incredible show on the planet in terms of performance (Tolkki was sloppy) but it was a lot of fun and just meant a lot to me on a personal level.

9.Symphony X - May 25th, 2007
A really intimate evening with Symphony X, this was the "warm up" show for the Paradise Lost tour, a month before the album was even out. It was just weird seeing them just walk on stage with no intro music and open with "Of Sins and Shadows". This was just awesome.

It's really really difficult to pick a 10th slot. I may have to get back later with this.

08-20-2008, 09:38 AM
I just realized that most of everyone's list has power/heavy metal bands.

Come on, black/death!

08-20-2008, 11:21 AM
I just realized that most of everyone's list has power/heavy metal bands.

Come on, black/death!

There's two in mine! :)

08-20-2008, 01:36 PM
Come on, black/death!

No thanks. :D

08-21-2008, 10:03 AM
I'll redo this list at the end of the year because it's been shaken up since I did this but it will probably be continued to be shaken up.

08-31-2008, 03:38 PM
27 nov. 84 Forum De Montréal Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour Twisted Sister Stay Hungry
(my first concert ever)

13-juil-99 Centre Molson De Montréal Iron Maiden The Ed Hunter World Tour Voivod
(the return of Bruce & H, with an amazing setlist)

21-juin-08 Parc Jean-Drapeau de Montréal Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time with a lot of other bands
( first show with my wife, son & Daughter)

14-juin-08 PNC Bank Art Center Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time Trivium Lauren Harris
(onstage for HCW + the rain fest!)

16-mars-08 Air Canada Center Toronto Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time Lauren Harris
(this gig was just mindblowing, I saw 5 concerts of this tour and they all blew me away)

16-juil-05 Colisée Pepsi de Québec Iron Maiden Eddie Rips Up The World tour Mastodon
(Where Fucking Eagles Dare for the first time ever for me live & met Steve, Adrian & Jan before the show + the Colisée in Québec city is the loudest Maiden crowd you will get.)

17-mai-88 Forum De Montréal Iron Maiden Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour Guns 'N' Roses Appetite For Destruction
( what can I say apart from I was old enough to have withness this amazing show)

14-mars-08 IZOD center New Jersey Iron Maiden Somewhere Back In Time Lauren Harris
(My first of 5 SBIT concert, I saw Maiden 24 times but this was my first Maiden concert on the floor, great moshpits during FOTD & Hallowed)

24-mars-87 Forum De Montréal Iron Maiden Somewhere On Tour Wasted
(see # 7)

09-oct-06 Colisée Pepsi de Québec Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life & Death World tour Bullet For My Valentine

(the gig was great but the after show party was even better, unforgettable, I was lucky enough to spend a whole evening up until 3 A.M. in bar with 50 beavers and the whole Maiden crew, manager and band members exept for Nicko)

Cheers !