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10-25-2007, 11:01 PM

BRANT BJORK- Tres Dias (Duna Records)

Every so often I stumble upon an album that's extremely difficult to review, not because it's hard to classify or so deep that it takes a lot of dissecting to really get into, but because there is an intangible quality to it that only the best of reviewers can get across and put into words. In truth, Brant Bjork (former drummer of desert rockers KYUSS and FU MANCHU) has never been an artist that has done anything in his career that wasn't purely organic to the core; there's no time for frivolities with this guy, and his solo records are no different. Tres Dias is perhaps the most honest, real sounding record I have ever heard. Just a man with a guitar, some hand percussion, and his voice, recorded in three days (hence the title). I wish I could elaborate and communicate precisely my feelings on this utterly spell-binding music, but Brant doesn't give me a lot to go off on. Incredibly simple, yet with more depth than almost every other album I've ever heard. There are so many images I could try to conjure up to try and paint some kind of visual, but even if you haven't experienced a Palm Desert evening I have no doubts this music can connect with anybody. Some of the most fantastic lyrics I've ever heard as well, and Brant's voice is absolute gold. Dammit I give up on this review, can't do this any form of justice, but I can't recommend enough this and another one of Brant's solo albums Jalamanta (not an all acoustic effort). I'll try and do better when I review the new BRANT BJORK AND THE BROS. album which is full-band effort and features a few cuts off this album. Please listen. After some more consideration this might be my #1 album of 2007.