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10-18-2007, 06:19 PM

BIG BUSINESS- Here Come The Waterworks (HydraheadRecords)

The world's heaviest bass/drum duo BIG BUSINESS are back with a new album, Here Come The Waterworks, after gaining notoriety by joining forces with the MELVINS on their 2006 effort (A) Senile Animal and subsequent tours. Drummer Coady Willis and bassist/vocalist Jared Warren started the band in 2004 when they released their debut Head For The Shallow, and though they remain the core of BIG BUSINESS no longer is it simply bass and drums in the mix (ala OM). On Here Come The Waterworks there is plenty of guitar present, but the bass is still the driving force, operating almost like the traditional roles of the bass and guitar in rock music have been reversed. Jared's vocals are pretty nondescript, mostly aggressive shouting but without sounding extreme, in fact they remind a lot of Buzz from the MEVLINS. They fit the music well though and he can carry a melody line when he needs to. The real focal point though is the music, and it's tremendous. Outstanding drums carry the bass and guitar like a stampede of elephants, with the aforementioned bass heavily distorted and wreaking havoc on your speakers. Another point about the drums I have to make is how awesome the tone is, it sounds like this shit was recorded on Bonham's kit circa Led Zeppelin III. Despite being carried predominantly by the rhythm section, the music rarely meanders and remains generally very concise and memorable, a testament to the guys' songwriting abilities. This is an album that has gotten better and better with repeated listens. There's still some work to do for BIG BUSINESS to really put out the kind of album they are capable of, but I'm extremely hopeful for the future and definitely satisfied with this record.

When they really start bogeying, there's no stopping them, like on the urgent "Start Your Digging" and the ridiculously catchy groove of "Shields." Again they bring the metal in a MELVINS-style way with "Grounds For Divorce" and "Hands Up." The progressive song on the album is predictably the 9-minute "I'll Give You Something To Cry About", as they explore the melding of doom and sludge with some strange Celtic-sounding guitar lines and melodies at times. "Another Beautiful Day In The Pacific Northwest" closes the album with more of the same experimentation with unexpected melodies, as well as being the lone instrumental track.

While not as good as the last MELVINS record, if Here Come The Waterworks is any indicator then I'm confident the best records from BIG BUSINESS are still to come.

10-20-2007, 11:45 AM
The Lateralus drum solo where this guy came out and dueled Danny Carey may have been the best concert moment of the year for me.

10-20-2007, 12:23 PM
The Lateralus drum solo where this guy came out and dueled Danny Carey may have been the best concert moment of the year for me.
This guy is a phenomenal drummer, can't wait to see him live when they play with Isis in November.