View Full Version : Symphony X - NYC - 4/5/08

10-17-2007, 05:46 AM
Alright, as some of you may know, Symphony X announced a lone date in New York City for April 5th, 2008. Anyone else think this is gonna be a DVD shoot?

I based my assumption on a few things:
1.The show is at the Nokia Live Theater, which first strikes me as odd because it's much larger than BB King's, one block over from it, which is where SX would normally play in NYC. The NLT is a much larger venue and the biggest up to playing there despite not being able to fill it is that unlike BB King's, it has a full size stage, which would allow the band to use backdrops, which they could not at BB King's.

2.The show is a lone date. Being that they just did a one-off gig in NYC in May of 2007, it seems unlikely that they'd do it again for no reason. Also if they aren't planning any dates leading up to it, it would give them more than enough time to prepare for shooting a DVD.

3.In their 13 or so year history, the band has never released a live DVD, despite receiving much praise for being a top notch live act. Since Paradise Lost has been possibly their most commercially succesful album, it seems that now would be a logical time to do it.

There's a fair chance I'm wrong, but these facts have been leading me to think there's a good chance it could happen.
If so, fuck yeah! I'm definately gonna be there.

10-17-2007, 12:38 PM
I already plan on going. But to be fair, last time the show in B.B.Kings was pretty full, and they've probably only gotten more fans since then. So I think the venue upgrade is very possibly just because of popularity increase. But that still leaves the whole lone date during that whole time period thing. If it gets filmed awesome, I've always wanted a DVD of a show I was at. :D

10-17-2007, 04:32 PM
This would be my 2nd. I was there for Seven Witches - Years of the Witch as well, but that's a far less known band.
I also wanted to mention that NYC is technically SX's "home crowd" as the boys are primarilly from the Jersey area around NYC... adding to the likelyhood.