View Full Version : Dying Fetus -- War Of Attrition

10-10-2007, 05:13 PM

DYING FETUS- War Of Attrition (Relapse Records)

When a band's music doesn't live up to the genius of their name, that's a big problem. Such is the case with DYING FETUS and their futile attempt at death-grind goodness on War Of Attrition, a rare blemish on the otherwise killer lineup of Relapse Records releases this year. This album is basically the epitome of boring music. They went anorexic on the monster brutalizing riffs and instead binged on pseudo-technical buzzsaw guitar lines with cheesy breakdowns. I can't stand it when bands just blast their way through songs with absolutely nothing to hold on to, and the only tempo changes come in the form of those damn breakdowns. If your game is pummeling the listener like a Mack truck caught in an avalanche, then you better be so crushing that there's no room to breathe or think (see: PIG DESTROYER). Unfortunately, the raw energy and seething hatred that makes albums in this style succeed is completely absent here. Drum triggers, impossibly generic concepts, Kerry King guitar work, insidious barked vocals, clean-cut production, this is everything wrong with death metal and grindcore today. War Of Attrition is just about the most boring, stale, and uninspiring album I've heard in 2007. Avoid.