View Full Version : Linkin Park -- Seattle, WA -- July 25th, 2007

09-27-2007, 10:22 PM
Projekt Revolution 2007 was awesome!

I had great seats up front and managed to record the following setlist. It is "Setlist A". The band played three unique setlists --A, B, C -- on this tour. They rotated between the three separate setlists throughout the tour. The sets were composed of roughly the same songs, with maybe 2-4 songs that differed between sets.

Projekt Revolution 2007 Tour
White River Amphitheater, Auburn, WA
July 25, 2007

Set A
01. One Step Closer
02. Lying From You
03. Somewhere I Belong
04. No More Sorrow
05. Papercut
06. Points of Authority
07. Wake
08. Given Up
09. Don't Stay
10. From The Inside
11. Leave Out All The Rest
12. Numb
13. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)
14. Breaking The Habit
15. Crawling
16. Shadow Of The Day
17. In The End
18. Bleed It Out
19. The Little Things Give You Away
20. What I've Done
21. Faint