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09-25-2007, 03:49 PM

AGAINST NATURE- The Anxiety Of Influence (Bland Hand Records)

The core members of the seminal Maryland doom metal band REVELATION have another project in the form of AGAINST NATURE, a band that combines those similar elements of traditional doom metal with classic and stoner rock influences. Since their debut in 2005 the trio has released a startling 6 full length albums, with yet another due before the end of the year. What's more they make all of their music available for download from their website as well as having a physical CD package for those who wish to monetarily support the band and get the real deal; that alone sets them apart for me, and so there's no reason anyone should hesitate to grab some of this www.againstnature.us The music is more than worth it too, as these veterans absolutely nail it with the interestingly titled The Anxiety Of Influence. Two songs of over 20 minutes each comprise the album, loaded with heavy riffs, memorable melodies, and a fantastic atmosphere. This is the sound of a group of true professionals creating something epic, your average middle aged dudes playing an ode to their inspirations. The feel of this record is incredibly organic; it breathes with the odor of stuffy garages and beer-stained sofas, but with a vision and atmosphere that is much more divine. Traditional doom metal has always been my favorite strain of the genre, and AGAINST NATURE create something pure and great through mixing it with the familiar epic rock of the 70's ("Achilles Last Stand" anyone?) and the otherworldly psychedelic fuzz of 90's stoner bands. There's a cool Greek theme running throughout as well, with the artwork and the song titles reflecting that and giving The Anxiety Of Influence more depth in the overall presentation. This is just an awesome, awesome record that no one has an excuse not to hear.

"Aporia" begins with the familiar starry twinkle of that vintage clean guitar sound with a little delay/flange on it, before a totally badass groovin' riff comes in. There are no vocals until over 10 minutes in, and when they do arrive it does feel like it's an unnecessary addition, since by that time it feels like the band have established firm ground in the sprawling instrumental side of things, sounding very much like ZEBULON PIKE. However the vocals aren't bad and they eventually go away after awhile, as the song slinks along, weaving in more classic epic guitar solos and quiet sections that invoke some really vivid imagery. Of course, there are still plenty of earth-smashing riffs, and the drums pound away with that vintage smooth cymbal sound and deep snare leading the way. The harmonies towards the end are really nice too. While some variety in tempo would be nice, it doesn't really lose focus, which is an easy trap to fall in with such long songs. The second song "Mimesis" trods the same ground, although it gets off to a more immediate start with a smokey stoner riff. The softer sections again are really the highlight though for me, especially the simply incredible outro.

I have no doubt that The Anxiety Of Influences will become a stoner/doom classic, and I can't wait to hear what AGAINST NATURE are gonna come with on their new one.