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09-03-2007, 12:21 AM

FOG OF WAR- M.C.T. (Self-released)

Another band to come out of the recent Bay Area Thrash Metal explosion, FOG OF WAR unleash more old school style crossover with their second demo M.C.T. They aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here, but they sure as hell aren't messing around. The riffs remind me a lot of MUNICIPAL WASTE, that perfect blend of punk and thrash, and the vocals are also in a similar vein (complete with gang shouts and all). A point of note is the bassist has got some chops for sure, he's not just sulking in the background while the guitarists whip out thrash break after thrash break of the utmost metal bliss. Drums are solid if uninteresting, but then again being a drummer in a thrash band isn't exactly the most glorious job (take it from firsthand knowledge). Basically, this is music to get drunk and circle pit to, just a damn good headbanging time all the way around.

The first song of this 4-song demo is the undeniably crossover and superbly anthemic "Six Packin' Heat", kicking off to the sound of a noodling bass solo and a beer can popping open, followed by the glorious symphony of someone puking. The real clincher though is "Blood Of A Thousand Suns", as not only do they bust out some absolutely sick riffs and back it up with a super catchy chorus, but they implement a perfect movie sample in the beginning. Clearly they've got all their crossover bases covered, as the final two songs "M.C.T." and "Taking Over" further reiterate with all the subtlety of a glass bottle being smashed open on your head.

In a newly dawning age of thrash revival, its thus far been pretty easy to tell apart from the posers and the real deal; FOG OF WAR are definitely in the latter camp. "Metal will fuck you in hell!"