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08-31-2007, 09:37 PM

DARK FOG- The Ultimate Cult Of Psychedelic Psychosis (Original Sounds Recordings)

While the Chicago trio's debut full-length Cosmic Tone came across to me as a pretty pedestrian 70's psych-prog wannabe record, DARK FOG have returned with a more confident offering with The Ultimate Cult Of Psychedelic Psychosis. Reminiscent of a combination between vintage 60's/70's psychedelic such as HAWKWIND and DEAD MEADOW-like indie stoner rock, DARK FOG don't pull many surprises here. Instead, they float along methodically in a perpetual haze created by overdriven tube amps and marijuana smoke. The vocals are dreamy and pushed out of the spotlight for the majority of the time, often blending with the fuzzy guitars and splashy drums to create a trippy ethereal feel. The Ultimate Cult Of Psychedelic Psychosis is a good album and a definite step up from their debut; if they continue to improve in the songwriting department they could really be a band to watch out for in this genre.

Despite a general lack of real standout cuts, the album begins with just that, an amazing song entitled "Tomorrow." The highlight of this song is really the unique chord progression, and the whole effect comes together perfectly to create a beautiful melancholic vibe to the song. The rest of the album is much more upbeat, with less memorability and more improvisational qualities I think. "Psychedelic Psychosis" is a small exception, with a short clean buildup before it recedes back to the norm. "Andromeda" has a cool mysterious feel to it, conjuring vivid images of deep space as the title would suggest, while "Peak Of The Night" has an interesting verse section that reminds me of THE CURE almost. Closer "Peel Back The Sky" is probably the second best on the album, with a haunting feel to it aided by some neat effects that reminds me of something like wandering alone in the desert at night.

Fans of psych/acid/prog rock should really enjoy this, as DARK FOG are starting to put themselves in league with bands like TITAN, EARTHLESS, MAMMATUS, etc in the underground wave of bands reliving the 70's style of experimental music.