View Full Version : Foo Fighters & Nine Inch Nails -- Edinburgh, UK -- August 21st, 2007

08-22-2007, 10:30 AM
Nine Inch Nails

Me I'm not
The Great Destroyer (HIS breakdown)
The Beginning of the End
March of the Pigs
The Big Come Down
The Frail
The Wretched
The Hand That Feeds
No You Don't

Foo Fighters

Monkey Wrench
My Hero
Times Like These
Up In Arms
Learn To Fly
Stacked Actors (extended w/ extra guitar solos)
The One
Van Halen medley (with short introduction of Ain't Talking 'Bout Love and Eruption)
This Is A Call
Best Of You
The Pretender
Keep The Car Running (Arcade Fire cover)
All My Life

Nine Inch Nails setlist was poor despite getting to see March Of The Pigs for the first time. No Hurt, No Closer, No Head Like A Hole...
They came on the stage without a drummer or synth player and did the first 3 songs with just a drum machine and Trent and co on a laptop at the front of the stage.
Then they kicked into it with very nice lighting etc.
Despite a dissapointing setlist they were still very good, not quite as good as when i last saw them.
Summing it all up, second time i've seen them, still not seen them play Hurt.. :finger2:

Foo Fighters were much better then Nine Inch Nails, wiped the floor with them. Dave Grohl ran off the stage and right near the crowd did some solo thing during "stacked actors", right beside the crowd. They gave us a talk about how special a night it was for them before kicking into the Arcade Fire cover.
Just before DOA, they started to play Van Halen, by which point i was aghast thinking "they are playing Van Halen!!!!" and then he stopped and said "that was Van Halen, we aren't going to be playing that for you tonight" then started playing some more of it on his own, (without singing) and got to roughly the chorus then played a bit of Eruption, then, "we won't play Van Halen for you, but we will play... DOA"

Great night! :party: