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08-02-2007, 10:58 PM

DRUDKH- Anti-Urban (Supernal Music)

Ukraine's DRUDKH are probably the most well-respected underground black metal band in the world, even more impressive considering their National Socialist Black Metal ties. They have continually released album after album of high quality music, ranging from droning BURZUM-esque bleakness to almost progressive black metal to an entirely acoustic folk record with their previous release Songs Of Grief & Solitude, all while keeping a solitary mystique about them that is so rare in these times. Their ability to create such tangible emotion in their music has always been what has drawn me to them, no matter if they are going the repetitive hypnotic approach or opting for a more varied style. In the case of this EP Anti-Urban (released only on 10" vinyl), they go the way of the former, dishing out two 6 minute songs, one of which consists of dreary oppressive music that plods along at practically a funeral doom metal pace ("Fallen Into Oblivion") and another ("Ashes") that moves at a quicker pace but is still no less hypnotic than the previous tune. The lack of variation within the two songs is of no concern here, it doesn't matter when the atmosphere is constructed well, which they manage to accomplish within the whole DRUDKH aesthetic. I do wish they would have gotten a better drum sound though, especially with the snare, but hopefully on the new full-length this will not be even a minor issue. Anti-Urban serves as a good teaser for the highly anticipated new full-length Estrangement (which apparently will be a return to the BURZUM inspired sound of their earlier records), and a nice reminder that DRUDKH are still probably the best band at doing what they do in this particular style of music.