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07-08-2007, 10:07 PM
Decided I'd go back today and catch part of the second day of the fest, really wanted to see the much talked about Hatchet in action. So at about 4 PM I rolled up to a much nicer San Francisco day in McLaren Park to get fuckin thrashed.

Got there about halfway into Warning SF's set of classic heavy/speed metal, met my friend Dom, and just chilled for awhile and watched. I missed a bunch of bands earlier in the day but thankfully I still made it in time for Hatchet later on. Warning SF were cool, they didn't get as big a reaction as I thought they would, but I liked them a lot. Jon Torres was on guitar again, fuckin love that guy. These guys have been around since 1982 but their only official studio album was 2002's "Aftermath". The only song they introduced was the closer "The Noose", kickass tune. I'll look into the album for sure.

Luckily last night Avenger Of Blood ended up not getting to play due to timing issues, so they got postponed till today! Awesome for me because these guys fucking rule hard. They play some mean German-style thrash metal, the kind with less catchy riffs but more pummeling heaviness. And they all having match Avenger Of Blood tattoos to boot! :lol: Spikey armbands, leather pants, bulletbelts, and one of their guitarists had a Death Row shirt too.......you know these dudes are tr00. Anyhow, their set ripped face, brutal thrash metal that would make Angelripper proud. They played stuff from their debut "Complete Annihilation" along with songs from the Speed Kills compilation they were on, as well as from their new album "Death Brigade", due out in September. Setlist not in order:

Complete Annihilation
Tyrants Of The Bloodlands
Forced To Kill
My Affliction
Enemy Attack
Poser Slaughter
Everlasting Plague

After Avenger Of Blood, it was finally time for Hatchet to step up. I've heard a ton about this band from the 'scene' people I know, and I was impressed by the stuff I listened to from their Myspace. Live however, they are an absolute beast. Lead by a hilarious and charismatic frontman Marcus (also known as Lord Sukram-Vaginal Desecrator), Hatchet are a fucking assault. The crowd for them was hands-down the most insane I've been a part of at any show before. It was just pure bliss. Unfortunately I did get kicked in the head by a stagediver, but thats the price you pay sometimes :D The pit was just out of control, it was sheer chaos down front. So much goddamn fun I can't do it justice through words, this is the kind of shit you have to experience live to get what I mean. There is NOTHING like a live thrash metal band up there tearing it up. Nothing. Neck-wrecking thrash breaks, face-melting solos, its all there. These guys are really young, but they can fucking bring it. Absolutely fantastic set, hopefully when they get out a good official recording they can capture the intensity of their live performance. I also caught a broken drumstick, yay :eyes: Partial setlist: (I had to leave early unfortunately)

Storm The Gates
Attack Is Imminent
Sealed Fate
Frozen Hell
Frailty Of The Flesh

Kickass festival all the way around, can't wait for next year :party:

07-10-2007, 11:24 AM
Blabbermouth posted a link to a video from the festival, you can see me in part of it :party: :lol: