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07-02-2007, 02:27 AM
I should really preface this by saying I’ve never liked U.D.O. Or Accept. Never really seen what’s so special about them at all. Apart from some obvious classics like Accept’s Balls To The Wall I’ve always found the riffs weak, the songs boring and the lyrics stupid. Let alone namesake Udo Dirkschneider’s voice being somewhat of a ‘unique’ taste. But, I love other nasally singers like Axl Rose and Brian Johnson, so I’ve never ruled him out if he were to sing some really good songs.

Mission No. X, the last U.D.O. studio release, was a very similar story as far as I was concerned. Weak riffs and uninspired songs (although nothing as dire as Trainride To Russia from Thunderball). And following the faux talk show intro to title track and opener Mastercutor as soon as Dirkschneider opens his mouth he sounds like he’s parodying himself. It’s like Udo in overdrive, and a strong sign that the new album is going to be no different.

However, once tuned into him, and you do have to get tuned into him, the brilliance of this album soon becomes apparent. The album’s songs can be divided into three distinct groups quite easily and the tracking has been done in such a way as to perfectly mix the three types and keep the pace of the record varied and interesting. The first is laid down by the opener, a driving, fast and anthemic slab of classic metal with a hooky chorus and it shows straight away that the riffs from Igor Gianola and Stefan Kaufman (yes, the Accept drummer) are much sharper than before. Instigator, Master of Disaster, We Do - For You, The Devil Walks Alone and closer Crash Bang Crash all follow this mould with blistering solos and fist-pumping choruses.

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