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07-02-2007, 01:07 AM
After leaving thrash titans Megadeth in 1987, guitarist Chris Poland recorded his first solo album, Return To Metalopolis, which over the years has become a sought after cult classic and has been reissued on several different labels at various times around the World.

Return To Metalopolis Live is the only known recording from the very short US tour to support the album. Recorded at the Mason Jar in Phoenix, AZ, which closed its doors in 2005 for remodeling (it is to re-open as a gay bar), it captures the band line-up, featuring Dave Randi on bass and Chrisí brother Mark on drums, which would go on to form Damn The Machine. The six-song recording hasnít been remastered or tampered with at all, it is exactly how it sounded on the original tape.

All in all it sounds excellent. There are a couple of spots where some fuzziness creeps in on the bass, or some distortion here and there, but otherwise itís as good as a straight soundboard recording gets without some studio tinkering. The music itself, for those unfamiliar, is a potent mix of tasty, technical riffs and rhythms. Noted for being lighter on the soloing than youíd normally expect from a guitar instrumental album, Poland focused much more on creating songs, where the solos would be an expressive melody instead of simply being high-speed shredding.

A lot of the tracks, particularly Psycho Boy and Nightmare Hall, sound like instrumental Megadeth, and coupled with the version of Wake Up Dead (bassist Randi on vocals) included here, that should be enough to attract Ďdeth fans not familiar with the original album, and introduce them to the tasteful playing on the other tracks.

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