View Full Version : Ravens Creed -- Militia Of Blood Sacrifice

07-01-2007, 11:32 PM

RAVENS CREED- Militia Of Blood Sacrifice (Land 'O Smiles Records)

"You like Venom? You like liquor? Good, go fuck yourself. Members of Orange Goblin & Iron Monkey join forces to break your fucking face." Since I couldn't think of a better description for RAVENS CREED myself I thought I'd just use this one from their label's website. There isn't a whole lot to ponder here; either you're into heavy fucking metal or your not, and if you are, then the band's debut recording (in fact just now out on 7 inch record, though it has been available online through their MySpace since January, which is why the reviewing is coming now) Militia Of Blood Sacrifice is for you. Denim vests, greasy hair, bullet belts, and enough booze to get all of England drunk, these London thrashers take off where fellow countrymen such as VENOM and MOTORHEAD started, playing gritty headbanger anthems and not giving much of a shit about anything in general. In short, this is the kind of music you show to people who think that MACHINE HEAD is heavy.

Right from the get go, this 4 song EP just obliterates everything, especially human necks. "Panzer Maniac" is a metal anthem if I've ever heard one, and the equally raging "Imperial Leather" follows on the first side with similarly incessant riffing and bludgeoning drums, with one of those thrash breaks that just makes you have to smile right before you wreck your neck and everything in the general vicinity. "Exploding The Steel" is more of the same fantastically obnoxious metal attack, parody past the point of hilarity and to where it becomes strikingly obvious that these guys really do not care at all what anyone thinks, they will worship HELLHAMMER all they want and have a damn good time doing it. Finally the record closes with easily the best song, "Dead Crow Mantle". The riffs are the best on here and the ending chorus part is extremely memorable.

Get drunk and blast this fucker to 11. RAVENS CREED know how to rock.