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Here is 6 feet under's Set
(as per the set list i ripped off of Terry's monitor!!)

Shadow of the Reaper
Silent Violence
Revenge of the Zombie
Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
The Enemy Inside
Still Alive
Victim of the Paranoid
No Warning Shot
The Day the Dead Walked
Burning Blood
Torn to the Bone
Suffering in Ecstacy
Hacked to Pieces

Human Target
War Machine (Kiss cover)

If you live close enough to NYC to see a metal show at BB Kings, by all means you must do it. Especially if you want to meet the band, There's only one way out and the bus is on 42nd street in front of the venue. You may have to wait an hour or more, but it's worth it.

Inside the venue is smallish but big enough, they are totallly cool with people moshing and slamming. And there was plenty.

Barnes' dreads are LONG as hell now and he was quite on his game. The band smoked through their set with precision. Terry and Greg doing great with Bass and Drums, and Steve Swanson who gets a lot of sound out of his power chords played awesome. For my money he is one of the most underappreciated Death Metal guitarists around. Great riff's and songwriting, maybe not the technician of say Trey Azagthoth. But memorable songs, and solid playing!!

Krisiun, if you don't know this band, you really have to hear it to believe it. Faster than anyone around, they look like, Huge, tattooed, Buff Brazilian Wrestlers, who play the most brutal Death Metal, their technique is simply unbelievable. The drummer must play a thousand beats a minute for an hour.
UNBELIEVABLE. And their guitarist is also phenominal, fast scales all over the fretboard. A total Wizard. Sorry no set list. I got there a little bit into their set and I don't know them too well.

UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-12-2006, 04:56 PM
I meet just about every band I see..except like HUGE ones like Maiden and Priest...but i met Terry Butler and Greg Gall last night...and the Krisiun dudes for a second time.