View Full Version : Gigantour -- Devore, CA -- September 10th, 2006

09-11-2006, 01:41 AM
Blackmail The Universe
Set The World Afire
Skin O' My Teeth
The Scorpion
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
Die Dead Enough
She Wolf
Reckoning Day
Take No Prisoners
Hangar 18
Sweating Bullets
Tornado Of Souls
Kick The Chair
Symphony Of Destruction
Washington's Next
Peace Sells

Holy Wars

Walk With Me In Hell
Laid To Rest
11th Hour
Again We Rise
Now You've Got Something To Die For
What I've Become
As The Palaces Burn
Foot To The Throat
Blacken The Cursed Sun
Black Label

Ghost of Perdition
Godhead's Lament
Leper Affinity

there are 2 things that make me "*sigh*" about this show:

1-can't say how much i wanted to be part of that pit tonight. i didn't know i missed a Deth show THAT much til today :(
2-(for the she-wolves) can't say that i've ever seen a man do something as hott as rolling up his sleeves and unbuttoning his black shirt down to the belly right before playing She Wolf...:drool:

that aside, i feel like driving over to vegas today
Deth was as always, AMAZING. for a sec. there i thought we would be missing out on TNP but we got it:cool: not only that but i was very happy w/Reckoning Day returning to the set. fave songs: she wolf, reckoning day, holy wars, sweting bullets, TNP,trust, hangar 18. i'm forgetting how many times i seen Deth so far but tonight, for the first time, i LOVED Trust. i never liked it much live before, or got to me even on cd til today. it was awesome singing along to it, as it was for the rest. my friend, who's very much into hip hop/rap crap walked out liking a couple of songs, hahaha:)
Washington's Next: those 2 new Tallica songs floating around? they don't got shit compared to this song. i was like "wow, oh man the new album is gonna butcher their stuff" the intro is very catchy, and like most have said already, the song is very melodic and old school. i really liked it but would like to know what Dave is saying. IF ANYONE manages to get a bootleg of this song...i'd be incredibly grateful:bow: the song just rocks and i wish i had gone to atleast 1 more show to hear it again:(
and sorry droogs, but no pics from me. this was the first time security ever caught my digicam. i was pissed coz i kinda had bought seat tix on purpose so i could take great pics. i had a great view n all, but no fukin cam. what i did walk out with was a cool new Deth bandana and that white UN Vic girl tank. gal's u'll love it. the new design is cooler up close:cool:
in closing this DETH review paragraph, the guys were awesome, very energetic, smiling, rocking out and head banging. the pyros were really cool, ah and those sparks at the end were the right touch to their closing the day. Dave was the last to leave the stage, and i didn't go til he wasn't to be seen. can't wait til they tour for the new album and i'm once again in a Deth pit :rocker:

other bands:
unfortunately, yet fortunately, we got there right on time to see Opeth. i would have liked to have seen Overkill and Arch Enemy but couldnt get there any earlier:(
as an Opeth fan, i thought they were great. my highlight was listening Windowpane again. would've loved if they played more instead of having LoG up there for like an hour. maybe they would'a played Blackwater Park. LoG: so i'm not a fan, BUT i sat there and listened after we took a break and walked around for a bit and i pre-ordered the new Deth:D i really like well...their music i can listen to, they have some kick ass guitar work and drums but the singer just fukin killed it. i dunno, it was kinda annoying after a while having killer music ruined by cookie monster vocals. they put on a good show too, very entertaining, i see why their fans gloat about 'em.

think that's it. i saw plenty of people with digicams so if ur one of 'em, please share the pics. and some dudes were recording Washington's Next next to me, i hope it ends up on youtube.....

09-11-2006, 11:19 AM
Dear Opeth, change up your setlist. I love the setlist, no doubt, but they have a tendency to rehearse like 15 songs before a tour and then rotate them in and out. Guess not now.